May 28, 2019

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Heavenly Father

We enter Your Courts with Praise and Thanksgiving for all that You have given us through Your Son, Yeshuah! He is the Perfect One we are to follow and we have accepted Him by Faith. We express our Hope and Love by walking as He walked.  Lord we place at Your feet all that we are so that we become all that You want us to be and do in this time!  We are so grateful to be Your Army of Prayer Warriors to defend the Truth and spread the Kingdom here in America and around the world! Today we bring before You all that You have placed on our hearts to pray for and express!

Father, we seek Your Holy Angels to surround us with protection from all the snares, traps and ploys of the enemy to make us stumble and fall.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and block all of his frequencies from hindering us to communicate with one another and with You! As Yeshuah has told us let not our hearts become weary. You are with us and will never forsake us so we pray in confidence knowing You hear us and answer our prayers in His Name!

Father, we want to walk under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we may discern what is right and honorable to do in Your Presence.  Erase from us all the “legalistic approach” we have thinking if we “go to Church” or do certain acts we will be saved.  No Lord it is only in Christ Jesus we are saved and we are to deny ourselves take up the cross and follow Him for it is in this that we are made Perfect and do Your Will. 

Lord we repent of always following man’s way and not following what You have taught us to do to live in righteousness as it is found in Your Word : honor the Sabbath as a day of rest, just as You rested on the 7th day.  Lord make us aware of how we are in our day to truly honor you by resting on the 7th day and concentrating on You and spending time in Your Presence! Lord lead us out of confusion into the whole Truth as the Holy Spirit leads and guides us.  Like Israel of old we are called to worship and honor You the true God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  Lord that all men will know Your Son, Yeshuah as Messiah and Lord!

Father, we are indeed grateful for how You are changing the governments of the world to come more in alignment with what You have done in America by giving us President Trump.  Lord we see the movement of the Holy Spirit in England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria all across Europe! As Your Prophets have told us the new world order, the elitist, the illuminati and all other forms of luciferian control are over.  The plan of the enemy is being overturned everyday as more and more people are being awakened and moving for what Your Plan is in our day!  Thank you, Lord for those who are willing to sacrifice and rise up to lead us into righteousness and true Justice for all mankind!

Father, we seek protection and a change in the weather patterns over America where the storms are occurring that the farmers will be blessed in abundance with a balance of rain and sunshine not as man tries to control it, but by Your Hand O mighty God!  Lord, that Your people are protected and that those who try to harm us be exposed and dealt with by proper Justice!  We pray a special prayer for all those in the areas where the tornadoes and other storm activity is taking place.  We say with Yeshuah to this area Peace! Be Still!  Let calmness reign in our hearts and in our land!

Lord, we are becoming more aware of how our Justice/Legal system needs to cleansed and re-established in our time.  That America will have a true respect for the rule of law that makes us a united nation under God’s Justice!  We seek special protection for all the Judges that President Trump has appointed, especially on the federal level that we will decide in righteousness and not by popularity, or bribery or any other means of intimidation, but have the Wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit to mete out Justice & Mercy as You have in Your Heavenly Court so too let us see it come to earth even more strongly in  our day!

Father, we seek special protection for President Trump in his travels as well as our prophetic voice, Mark Taylor and all those Lord You have anointed to be a trumpet call for change for a restoring of America to its original calling as Light on a hill!  Keep us united in spirit that we can walk together in Prayer & Voice and Vote to defend the USA!  Lord, even as religious voices call for June 2nd to be a day of prayer for President Trump we unite our prayers so that we may be one as You and Your Son are one and we can live in spirit and truth together. Amen  Bless us now Lord as we continue our prayer in Yeshuah’s name. Amen

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