Jan 4, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with repentant hearts! We speak the words of repentance for our own sinfulness whether large or small, but we also speak for our families, our communities, the areas in which we live and especially for our nation. We do this Lord for the love of You so that You will heal our land and open up the flood gates of heaven to pour out on us Justice as it is in heaven so too on earth! Lord, forgive us as a nation for allowing unbelievers lead us away from our nations covenant with You! We humbly recognize our covenant with You was written by our faith filled forefathers and mothers. They formed our nation as a nation dedicated to Jesus the Christ and blessed this land to be a land free to worship You without allegiance to any particular religious denomination! Lord now we seek to be one nation under You with Liberty and Justice for all! We repent of our sins against our own Constitution and anyone who has changed it or altered it that has led us to this critical time in our nation;s history! Lord we are ready for a re-set under Your Guidance to repent of our nation’s sins and turn back to live righteously ad to be led by the one You have anointed for this time President Trump.

Father we intercede and place a shield of protection over our President Trump, his family and all those who are truly loyal to him in his endeavors to make America great again as You have planned it and put in him to lead our nation to be light on the mountain top, to be a protector of the land of Israel as You have spoken in the Scriptures. That we will be a nation that lives under Justice and be a home of the brave and the free! Father, during this time of crisis of those who are betrayers and treasonous against those who are patriots and believe our nation to be a Christian nation, we are determined to live by our Constitution and live in land with law and order to protect our people and drive out the enemy both foreign and within our nation! Lord, in fact the truth of our voting shows that we want President Trump to continue and that Your Promises spoken by Your prophets in our day will come to pass! That the Hammer of Justice will fall on those who are our enemies and they will be dried bones and turn to ashes by Your Holy Fire as burns in the hearts of man separating sheep from the goats and wheat from the tares. Lord we await this miracle that will be a sign of Your Glory over our nation. That our nation will see Your Glory shine forth in all that is to happen. That all men will say it was God who did this! Our repentance will bring this to pass. Glory to You God and we give You thanks and praise in this hour!

Father, by the authority of Your Son, Yeshuah, we bind the strong man and strike all of the strongholds here in our nation! That the spirit of Baal, Jezebel and all other false gods are brought to naught! You are the only true God we worship and so we love You with all that is in us that You have created us to be Your family here on earth so that You can dwell with us! So Lord again we say we are Your covenanted people and as the Psalmist has written:

The righteous ones will flourish like the palm tree, will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still yield fruit in old age, they shall be full of sap and very green, proclaiming that the Lord is upright, He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him, (Psalm 92:12-15) Blessed is the nation—America–whose God is the Lord, we are the people He has chosen for His own inheritance! (Psalm33:12) It is so! Amen! Alleluia!

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