Oct 23, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

With Your Presence shield us from the hands and plots of our enemies! Put Your heavenly Host on our borders of America and around each of our homes and each member of our Army of Warriors as we face the battles we are in now. Lord keep the enemy’s frequency scrambled and let the chaos, confusion and rebellion he stirs up remain in his own camp and let the enemy and his followers face judgment at the Cross of Jesus the Christ and be driven from their strongholds and any position of influence here and around the world! Even though in some places it looks as if the enemy has won, we know it is fruitless to claim victory when it is not based in the spirit with You as the source. We know Lord what seems like loss is only a moment to make the enemy even more ready for a greater fall. We are confident in Your control of every situation for we believe that all things turn for good for those who love You! We will not give up our fight nor will we turn and run from the battle for we are in it to win Lord and there is always something we are destined to learn from everything we face, for we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!

Father, we know You have a special plan even for Israel in all that is going on there. We believe your prophets when they tell us Israel will arise and be forever! Lord we continue our intercession for the anointed leadership that is needed there. Lord we will never give up for we proclaim as our prophet Kim Clement has spoken: Israel is forever and as our prophets today tell us that America and Israel will be of one accord to lead the world in all that You have planned in our day. Father we trust You with the plan You have in place to lead Israel in this hour and we also continue to left up all of Your people in Israel to soon recognize Yeshuah as Messiah! Lord thank You that You have opened a door for Strike Force of Prayer to enter in to open a portal for the Holy Spirit to move mightily across the land. Your Will be done as we yield to You now!

Lord, we continue to lift up our Judicial system as we know we have the authority to turn things around just as the woman was with the unjust judge we are strengthen by Your Might and power to change from the injustice we see to Justice for all especially the widow, the orphan and the weak and abandoned in this land. Father, we intercede for all those who are being unjustly treated by the court system especially families that are torn apart and unjustly ruled against. Father You know of the women who are unjustly tossed aside through divorce and other means of judicial tyranny. Lord in the name of Jesus we say take off the bench those who rule unjustly and bring even more righteous men and women into those position that will rightfully rule according to Your Court in the Heavens. Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Father we are grateful that You have anointed President Trump to be our leader in these days of red October and all that is raging around us and in America. We are so thankful that he is unafraid to speak up and to defend America from its enemies. Lord continue to give him courage and boldness of tongue. Let those who criticize and slander him because he does not do it their way fall into the pit of destruction they are digging and like Haman of old let the scaffold they built find themselves on it to face proper judgment and punishment for all their high crimes and treason they have committed against America. Lord we are here as Your remnant taking back America by our Prayers, our Voice and our vote and actions as true citizens of Heaven and in the very land You have given us the United States of America. God be praised and lifted up for You are an awesome God and we are here to yield to Your Will now in this hour!

Father strengthen us by Faith to overcome all fear and trembling of what others think of us. We are here in spirit and truth and nothing the enemy says or does can stop us or be held against us. Lord we are finished with making the enemy so powerful and so frightening because in our minds we have distortion and have not allowed Your Spirit to enter in and cleanse us of all that is false and misleading taught to us by blind leaders and since we have listened to them we almost fell in the pit. But now we see and now we are free in Christ Jesus and no more will the deception lead us into captivity. We are free to spread the Kingdom and work in the Harvest You have begun! We overcome the enemy by the Blood of Your Son Christ Jesus! Amen and it is so!

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