Dec 29, 2020

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Heavenly Father,    

Prepare us for the Battle we are to wage and continue to wage in America so that we make the Banner of Life are flag under which we march! Father, we seek to repent of all the defiles life.  Lord heals us of the thoughts and feelings of our fallen nature, which are not the way You originally created us.  Remove hate, disrespect all other forms of thoughts centered around murder and all forms of taking the life of ourselves and others that we have experienced or have influenced our thinking.  Now with humble contrite hearts we are washed clean by the Blood of Jesus to stand before You in Purity and Modesty to defend Life  in all forms from the unborn to the elderly in America.  We stand aginst the culture of death and choose Life!

Father, protect us from all attacks of the enemy.  Keep us clean of all guilt, shame, embarrassment and condemnation in the face of our enemies as we declare Life! Life in You as the only way to live.  In these moments of prayer keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble all his frequencies so that we walk in victory to change a nation, our nation of America and all the nations that are united with us. We include all of the Prayer Warriors in Canada, England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and others around the world that are in unity with us to proclaim Jesus is Lord and give an open portal for the Holy Spirit to blow the winds of change across the land.

 Father, today we intercede against the culture of murder and death affects the womb of women and the unborn. Against the hatred and anger that affect our homes and brings violence in the midst of the family.  Against the darkness and crime that lurks on our streets in our cities small and large from Chicago, Seattle, New York to home town USA.  As each of us is gathered here from the states we live in to have Justice and Truth prevail.  As Your Army of Prayer Warriors we place our nation in Your Hands that Life will prevail & reign over death.

Father, protect President Trump and all who truly stand with him to change the laws and decisions that have lifted up death over life.  Not only death and murder but all kinds of sexual perversion and other lifestyles that celebrate evil over good!  Lord, give him and our leaders Wisdom and Strength to choose life!

Father protect and bless all of those who are willing to make a stand and even be mocked, ridiculed and arrested when they protest against abortion and all the perverted ways that dominate the culture.  That our children are protected from any of this influence and that will see the examples of Faith in Jesus Christ to follow.  Bless and protect all the men and women standing on the front lines like Coach Dave Daubenmire, Rusty Thomas, Alveda King and so many others who lead the charge to change America.  That more of us will arise and see that we too can be people of prayer who have a clear voice and willingness to do as You ask of us in our day.  We are here Lord, send us!

Father, we ask why not now?  You give us all that we need when You call us and You put Your Holy Angels around us to continue to march forward.  Give each of us insight in what we can do from the smallest to the biggest.  We have the authority given us by Your Son, Yeshua to bring down the strong man and his strongholds for greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world, for we can do all things with Christ Jesus Who is our strength.   So Father we continue to intercede for we pray in the Name of Yeshua. Amen!

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