Apr 19, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We enter Your Courts with Thanksgiving and Praise for the wondrous things You havew already done for us and know that Your have more in store for us.  But Father we come not just to see what we can get from You but we are here to complete Your Love for us by returning our love to You! Father, You have created us in Your Image  first forming our bodies but blowing Your Spirit into us to be just like You.  You are Love and so love is in us and You gave us free will to choose You or any god that the world places before us.  We willingly choose You!  We are here to proclaim that we love You with all our strength and all that is in us we give to You! As Your children we place ourselves in Your Hands You give us Love  fro0m Your heart to ours and so Father in this moment we return it to You, we are Yours and there are no other strange gods, only You, Father!

During these days your prophets are telling us to be prepared for what You have in store for us it is not doom and gloom but it a Manifestation of Your Glory and giving us the opportunity to reset our lives according to Your Commands. Lord, no matter how many times we stumble and fall You always are there to give us another chance because as soon as You repent we are picked up and You reset our lives.  Lord, You are the God of a second chance, third and so on.  We are so grateful that Your Love for us is never ending and as Your Word says You will never leave us or forsake us!

Father we are seeking such an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit on America in these days of resetting!  Bless our President Trump with a special Holy Spirit awareness in choosing and deciding what is best for America in Your Will for us.  Father, that he will truly listen to Your Heart in choosing righteous men and women to be his assistants and in appointing them in places of authority in government from judges to advisors and all others who are to serve with him. Lord, we are thankful that You have anointed him and are using him to fulfill Your Plans for us in our day and into the future.

Reveal the truth to him  so that he will make Justice and the Rule of Law his primary concern in leading us.  Thank You Lord for having this virus passing over us and restoring us to follow and be as Your prophets have spoken the corrupt will be taken out of office and replaced by those who will truly represent us and be servants of the people to bring Justice to us all!

Father during this time of being in distancing that we may truly use this time as a sacred time of self-reflection to prepare us for what is coming that we will truly align ourselves with discernment in our choices and in our attitude to be content in all things even when we are in moments of lack.  That we truly trust You and that we know that You give us the vision and will surely give us the provision to fulfill Your Plan for us.  Lord, that we will not be led by greed but by giving and that we like Your Son will deny ourselves take up the cross and follow Him.  For we are more than conquerors and we know that You have rigged the outcome in our favor! Even though there may be some short term pain there is always long term gain because You are in control and we trust Your, Lord!

Lord, as Your prophets have spoken these are days of change and resetting give us patience with the process as it unfolds before us.  Lord that the Holy Spirit will give us calmness and peace as we walk in the midst of the storm around us.  We intercede for all those who feel discouraged and have lost  hope that we may be used to up lift them and through our kind words give them insight and understanding for what is happening in this hour!  Lord You are healing our land and restoring us to make  America a Light unto the nations and a true protector of Israel.  Thank You Lord for those who are leading us into righteousness!

Father, touch all of our brothers and sisters that are gathered her on this call and all who come together in prayer to seek Your Will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.  Lord erase all competition , comparisons and judgmentalism from our midst that we worship You in sprit and truth and will in our day fulfill Your Sons’ Prayer for us that we will be one with one another and with You as Your Son is one with You and all in the unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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