Apr 2, 2021 | Prayers

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A phrase I like: Pray, Voice & Vote/Act! We need to voice our opinion about matters

that matter most to us whether it be political, religious or ethical/moral!

To be told don’t talk politics is really missing what God has taught us in Sacred

Scriptures: all the prophets were very political! Words were for the King and

the people!

Strike Force of Prayer was started to give us a voice in prayer before the Nation: for

the anybody to pray aloud with no special label.

But no only pray but become active in life: give of your time, effort and self to be a

voice crying in the wilderness! There are organizations developing that can be

used to make changes and face the truth in our day! We are not here to just

accept communism, socialism and all the isms that destroy our Nation!

Not only cry out to God but let others hear your voice!


Blow the Shofar for prayer!


Heavenly Father,

we trust You completely for You are a Just God and You are filled with loving-kindness! We celebrate the great moment of freedom in recognizing the Resurrection of Yeshuah/Jesus! This has truly set us free from sin and death and made us a new creation that fulfills the Promise You made back in the Garden of Eden.  Because of this glorious moment we are set apart and made a special people that is Your Family here on earth and one day soon be joined with heaven forever and ever!

Father, because of this moment in time of His Resurrection are future is assured and we have a Hope that no one can take from us! As Paul Your servant Has taught if there is no Resurrection our Faith is in vain. But the Messiah has been raised from the dead even though we did not see it in that day through Faith we have come to believe and so now stand with all who have gone before us!  We celebrate this great moment in history Yeshuah

Jesus has been raised from the dead, death no longer has a sting and we are ready to face anything the enemy throws at us for now we have seen Perfect Love (Jesus) casts out fear!

So we are bold and courageous though weak because He is Alive!

Father, during this time we especially lift up the Hebrew children of Israel that they will become aware and awaken to whom Yeshuah really is the Messiah that they long for in their hearts and that their stubbornness and blindness will be broken off of them and they too with us a Paul says will give praise , honor and glory to Yesuah/Jesus and then we will see even more of Your Promises fulfilled!

Father, at this moment we declare that the promises You have spoken through Your prophets of our day will come to pass in this hour! That President Trump will be fully re-instated as President and these clowns and jackals who have stolen this election and


brought to pass a coup will be swept from office and we will be back in accord with the plans You have for this nation.  That we will again see the stoppage of all this illegal immigration and the trafficking of children and other perversions cease.  That are our borders are honored and that we will again be a nation of law and order and Justice will prevail in the land!

Father, through the Resurrection Power the Holy Spirit raise Yeshuah from the dead now may He blow like a raging wind across America blow away all of these betrayers, deceivers and corrupted ones who like their father the devil lie to steal, kill and destroy what You have made holy and given to us to cherish!  May Your Holy Fire consume them and if they do not repent face the consequences of their free choice! As for us Lord we are here to do Your Will and even become living sacrifices in imitation of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus so that we will give You glory and honor and praise in all that we do and say! Amen and Alleluia!

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