Jan 5, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in loving trust knowing You are the source of all that we have every

blessing from the largest to the smallest. You are an awesome God there is nothing that You cannot do. We know You have spoken to us that You will never leave us nor forsake us and that all of Your plans for us are good and not evil. Even when we feel weak we know that You make us strong. You are always with us even when we do not feel Your Presence, we know You are around us and always have angels around us to protect us and guide us in moments of struggle and when we feel blind as what Your Will for us is! We are so grateful for the Gift of the Holy Spirit who reveals all truth to us and as You had promised He is our Comfort and gives us Discernment when we are making our decisions. Thank You for being such a great Father to us and to all those who are fatherless and alone. Your Love is never ending and ever kind! Make us fully Yours now and forever!

Father, on this day we as Prayer Warriors seek special intercession for our brothers and sister in Georgia as they vote for this runoff election. Father the issue again is between isms of socialism and communism and keeping our tradition heritage alive. Today is a perfect day for Your Glory to shine in the midst of the chaos and confusion that righteousness prevails in our nation. Lord the evil forces are spreading their hate and twisting the truth so let the people of Georgia rise up to be for those who will support President Trump and the Agenda You have given him to accomplish!

Father at the same time many Americans are traveling to Washington DC to express their unity for President Trump and to stop the steal of the vote in this election. Protect them in their travels, but especially protect them from any physical harm or lawless ones to cause them any untoward violence in any form! Lord in the unity these Patriots are expressing bring a true Godly solution to this steal the vote coup! Let them Pray, Voice and show that we the People matter and no one can step between us the righteous ways we want in America. Lord, through Your Power and Might show Your Glory and the fulfillment of Your promise spoken by Your Prophetic Voices will come to pass today and everyday moving forward!

We intercede for all those who represent us in this government will be brave to stand in righteousness to defend and protect our vote and that they will bring forth a true rendering of our voting: that President Trump won by a landslide a return of 4 more years in office. That those who oppose this are brought to shame and exposed for the fraud and forms of cheating they did! That Justice will prevail and those who have done evil will be brought to face their consequences to make reparation and restore what has been stolen 7 fold! Father, we are here to be defenders of the Truth and to walk in covenant with You a covenant that was established in the beginning on this land. The actions You see in our prayers, our voices, our votes and even in the assembly of gathering in DC shows how much we value what You have given us! We are here right now Father in unity to bind the strong man and to smash all of his strongholds, the altars of false worship, the temples of lies and any idols that are worshiped by those who live in darkness and will not repent of their ways. Now Lord, You can see clearly where we stand for life for goodness and for harmony with You! Let Your Glory reign now and see Your Power in these days as America becomes what You have destined us to be! We gladly proclaim Jesus is Lord and let Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Amen & Amen!

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