Aug 5, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Protect us in our time with You as we are gathered here on this call, those here present and those aligned with us in the spirit.  Scramble the enemy’s radar.  Let every distraction, noise and interference he has planned for us stay in his own camp and have no influence over our lines of communication.  Let our voices be clear and our hearing sharp to know how to advance Your Kingdom!  Let each Warrior sense Your Protection and Guidance in fulfilling Your Orders for this day!

Father, we are grateful for Your calling us by name to be Warriors in Your Kingdom Army in this day!  We are grateful/thankful for the great price You paid  through Your Son, Yeshua.  He gave His life for us so that we might have eternal life and our life here on earth a part of the Kingdom and a foretaste of what is to come in Your Plans for us.  We are here living as friends with you and one another.

We repent of any obstacles we have placed in the way of spreading the kingdom by any selfishness on our part against our spouse, our children, our neighbor, our community and anyone in lawful authority over us.  Your forgiveness and mercy is all we need.

Father, we seek a hedge of protection for our President Trump and all who assist him in bringing righteousness into our nation.  Bless those Lord, who risk their lives each day so that we may live in peace with one another.  We are here Lord on a rescue mission as Your prophet has spoken to us.  We are here to rescue the lost and take back what has been stolen.  We are Your Army engaged in battles to win for Your Glory!  Enliven our Faith and strengthen us with Your Strong Grip on our hearts love for You and Your Commands!

Enbolden those  who are here to rescue the children from the evil that rages around us through abortion, pedephilia, child trafficking, transsexualism, child sacrifice either on earth or under the earth all forms of sexual perversion You hate and have planned for eternal destruction and punishment.  May we continue to be brought under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to discern the steps we are to take to bring back America form the brink of self destruction!

Father we pray especially for the division we see in those who call themselves Christians and the leaders who deceive and mislead the Your flock! Lord change our thinking and perception about the prophets You have anointed for our time and the others You have anointed to lead us in our day to righteousness.  Lord use us as a protective shield around all of these You have anointed for our time like President Trump, Prime Minister Netenyahu, the other leaders of the nations of Europe whom You have raised up to defend the Truth and to lead their country in those ways of Truth!  For we know as Your prophets have spoken now is the time for the Luciferian agenda and cabal to be torn down, exposed and brought to face Justice!.  Lord it is a time of righteousness and we are so thankful for the way our times are changing, for the looser now is winning and the humble shall inherit the earth…that which is first will be last and he who has been scorned and ridiculed will arise and be seen for the anointing You have placed on him.  We give You glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving in Yeshua’s name!

Father, we are so grateful that Your Son has said we are now Your Friend because of our Faith in Yeshua and we are here to take up our cross, die to ourselves and walk in His Footsteps.  We gladly do this to fulfill Your Mission to rescue the lose from a dark and dying world.  We pray in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

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