Jun 30, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Your are so awesome it overwhelms us to know that You have  created all the universe and all that has life and all that is marvelous before us and yet You are personal.  You know us intimately and You are closer to us than even the most intimate love relationship we can enjoy here on earth.  You who created us in our mother’s womb and made sure of every detail of our being and still want to have us love You in return for all the Love You have for us.  Lord, there are so many mysteries that we do not understand but most importantly is that You are personal to each of us. And through Your Son’s Blood we have been made clean from sin and become a new creation and now know how valuable each of us  is to You for as the word says we are in Your Hands and Your loving kindness over shadows us and You will never leave us or forsake us. Wow Lord!

Lord, we are here to intercede for our nation, especially our leader, President Trump and all those who are in one accord with him and the Agenda You have planned for him to fulfill.  Lord continue to let the Holy Spirit give him Wisdom and that righteous men and women be around him to accomplish that which You have prophetically have said will happen here in America and any nation where its people call You Lord!  Lord we are concerned about Justice in our day.  Lord there is so much that must be done to clean up the system of justice in our land.  That we will again look to Your Laws as the basis of our government, a government that is based on law and order.  A government that adheres to Your Laws that bring forth harmony with one another and really brings us harmony with You so that what is in heaven will be here on earth.  Just as Your Son taught us and showed us to live!

Lord one of those laws we call the 7th  Commandment which talks about adultery.  It is based on how a man and woman are to be in marriage, for the beauty of what we call marriage is Your prime example of how we are to relate to You.  Lord we intercede for marriages, that these relationship will truly be based in the spirit of love for one another.  That these sacred relationships will be cleansed and that those who are married will awaken to the great mystery they are to live, to be just like Jesus the Christ with us His Bride!  Lord through our Court system we have even altered the meaning and message of marriage.  Lord our land needs a restoration to the true meaning of marriage and that it is in accord with Your Original Plan=1 Man + 1 Woman. No other form is real or true except that which You said a man joined to a woman as a sign of You on the earth!

Lord our Justice system is filled with adultery and relationships of idolatry and not true Justice or decisions to protect the innocent and judge right from wrong. Lord there are illicit affairs between judges and lawyers that are adulterous in that if a judge likes the way of one lawyer over another the decision will be influenced by that relationship.  Lord that we will have judges who are not prejudice and that will deliberate according to the truth of the facts before him or her.  Lord, that Your people will arise and say enough we want the Justice that we were founded on and that rulings must be struck down that are against Your Laws like Roe v. Wade, homosexual marriage, and issues based on skin color or religious systems that defy our Constitution and spread the disease of communism and socialism.  Lord that Your People will voice impeach those who have taken the bribe or have betrayed us or been treasonous.  Lord we want Justice as the foundation of our nation. Just as it is in heaven so be it here on earth!.

Lord just as You hate betrayal in a love relationship so be it in our land.  That we will have judges who will know the law and judge correctly.  That judges do not make our laws they only are to discern if a law is just for all who must obey it.  Lord we have lost our way because of selfishness and greed and even fame so now Lord let righteousness prevail.  That judges will be chosen, appointed and even elected who are there to bring harmony among the people.  Lord let the revamping of our Justice system begin with us that our heart are purified of prejudice and any form of intolerance that we live by Your Commands in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen!

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