Feb 25, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

We enter Your throne room with thanksgiving and praise for we have been washed clean by the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ! You have not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit filled with power of love and a strong mind like unto that of Jesus the Christ! Father, this Your Army of Prayer Warriors ready to fight in the battle and are willingly follow Your Commands! Use us as You will as we will follow in the footsteps of Your Son, to lay down our lives for others, to sacrifice ourselves as living sacrifice on Your altar for we are of one renewed mind taking on the Mind of Christ so that we will prove what is good and pleasing and the perfect Will You have for us!

Father, in this time that is called Purim we like Esther and Mordecai are seeking an answer to what has been done to America by the lying, cheating and stealing that has been done by those who seized our government. Lord, Your people have clearly shown by prayer and fasting and our overwhelming votes that we want Your anointed Donald J Trump to continue to lead and rule over us. So like in those words of the Scripture we want evil to be turned back and ultimately destroyed! May Your Holy Fire consume in this time all those who have betrayed and bore false witness against Your land of America. So Lord, we shout with the prophets: President Trump come back and take your rightful place. We are here to say yes that your are anointed of God to lead us in this time so we seek the righteous to stand firm with you.

Father, during this time called Purim let Your Mighty Hand sweep across the land and remove all those who are unjust as judges in every court across America! Let the righteous fill the seat of the Judiciary! Men and women who refuse the bribe or stand firm against any threat of evil to themselves their families or witnesses or those who reveal the truth. Lord through our prayers raise up the shield of Faith to protect them from any of the fiery darts of the enemy. Now is the time that we give You the Glory for all that is take place in time. We celebrate that Your Promises are true and that You keep them as You have always kept them! Lord we stand firm against any of the naysayers or those who mock Your Prophets! Thank You for the gift of each of them and keep them close to Your Heart so that they may continue to reveal Your Will for us as it was in the past so it is now in our day!

Father, let Your Holy Fire burn down all of the media stands against what You want for us. Stop the mouths of those who lie and deceive to hide the truth so that they want to stop the prophetic word being revealed and brought to pass!

Lord, in this hour raise up the new thing You have planned that we will see the false news be destroyed and a new media will arise to reveal the truth and uplift us to see the history that is Yours in our day! Lord like Moredecai in Your Scriptures we have revealed the truth to protect your anointed and have even stood in sackcloth and ashes to bring about a change in all that has been stolen, so now we are here celebrating the Victory that is at hand! Lord we are here to blast the trumpets that bring victory and smash the walls of the enemy and bring confusion and defeat into their midst for we are victorious in Christ Jesus!

Father we are ready and draw closer to Your Heart for we know we are Your children and we trust Your Plan for us and we will fulfill what You have destined us to see and do! Amen & Amen!

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