Dec 11, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

The battle we are in is tying to shake the foundations of our Faith. We do not want to crumble under the weight of it. Give us Father all that we need to overcome the enemy. We take up our sword of Your Word to slice through the lies and darkness that the enemy has thrown at us, to even say that President Trump was not re-elected and that we will have officials who will turn back all that President Trump has accompished that has freed us from the enemies captivity. We wrap ourselves in Light, in fact we re-dedicate ourselves just as we share with our Jewish brethren the Feast of Lights Chanakah. A time to stand in the Light of Yeshuah and say we declare the truth and Justice will prevail. No matter what the enemy tries it will all fall for what You have spoken to us through Your prophetic voices: it is the end of the corrupt and who Your Son sets free, is free indeed! We are here to soak in the truth and keep it on our mind and use our voice to proclaim it that no cheaters or liars are to lead us only those whom You have anointed and chosen to rule us in such a time as this!

Father, You have always been faithful to us and have stood with us through the fiery times we face even now. We stand firm in the shadow of Your Wings and know that Justice will prevail and our court system will show us righteousness to prevail over those who are smug to think that by cheating they have the upper hand. The truth is we will see the Hammer of Justice fall on all those who have defrauded us and done evil deeds to steal, kill and destroy our nation will shortly fact the tribunals of Justice and we will see the evil one face the right punishment they deserve and we will see recompense given in 7 fold fashion to restore our nation and to see law and order throughout the land in our homes, our communities, our states, our whole nation.

For in prayer we bind all the spirits of Jezebel, Baal and all other satanic rituals and religious practices be consumed in Your Holy Fire! It is the time now Lord, for us to see it happen in the days ahead, for during this season of re-dedication we will rejoice for the Temple of America will be cleansed of all these evil traitors and saboteurs. We will rejoice standing in the Light which will pierce all darkness around us and make this a season of great Joy because Justice has prevailed! We will rejoice for all of this darkness of the pandemic will be exposed and we will be able to live as free men out from under these tyrants imposing restrictions and orders to not even be with our families during this season. Lord, expose them further and may they come to know shame for their conniving ways to rule over us. No more are we to be scared or fearful for we are covered by the Blood Jesus which washes us clean to the very depth of our cells and atoms in our temples of the Holy Spirit. We are free to be as You want us to be! Thank You Father for safe guarding our future and that of our children and our children’s children. We give You all the Glory and Thanks for Your loving kindness never fails us…..Amen and Amen!

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