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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in humility and with a contrite heart knowing you are the only means of strength we have to defeat the enemy and all of his minions.  Lord, release Your Warrior Angels to surround us with Your protection in our battle with the enemy.  Protect us, Father by taking off the radar of the enemy and put confusion in his camp so that they are unaware of what You have called us to do.  Shin a Light so strong that the enemy is blinded to our advancing forces as we strike like a Hammer in Your Mighty Hand.  We are here to destroy the columns of the enemy’s strength in this land of America!  We stand firm to stop the enemy’s advancements and the alluring of those not aware of his schemes and devices!

Father. We are here to repent of our allowing the enemy to form so much corruption in our government! We repent of our lack of Faith to stand firm against the culture of death that shows its ugly head through abortion, sexual perversion and abuse of all men and women and youth through a culture of selfishness, greed and lust of the flesh!  Lord we repent of the ways Your Church has lacked courage to speak out from our pulpits about the important issues of our day!  We proclaim No More! We declare our nation is Yours!

We repent of allowing material greed through selfishness and lack of love for our brothers and sisters.  During this season we have the opportunity to give from our hearts that which can bring Joy into the lives of the needy and downtrodden That our hearts be filled with wonder so that it is truly a season of EMMANUEL God with us!  We proclaim that Jesus is the reason for this season and now our words and actions will show others what Your Son has done for us!

Lord through Your Authority we strike against the corrupt judicial system in our land.  We stand in the gap to back President Trump as He appoints judges who will uphold the laws of our land and stop forming laws that deny our Christian heritage and go against Biblical principles as outlined in our Constitution!  Lord as has been prophesied by Mark Taylor, Your servant, that 5 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed, let that come to pass in this day!  We proclaim a stop to all that oppose or block any of his appointments or anointed actions to bring about true justice and righteousness in our America!

Lord, we proclaim your dominion over our financial system!  That we will see the exposure of corruption and the unjust lending system be brought down with our hammer of justice from Wall & market street to main street!  That now the transfer of wealth from the wicked to Your disciples take place, so that we will spread the Kingdom far and wide and share the wealth of your blessings with one another!  All for seeking the Kingdom of God first!

Lord, bring physical healing into our land!  That the corruption of the medical system will be exposed and a new system will take its place!  As Your prophets, like Kim Clement have said new means of healing will be revealed so that illness and disease will dealt with in America and around the world!  Your Kingdom come Your Will be done!

Lord, use us as Hammer in Your Hand to strike down the evil we see in the capitols of America from D.C. to state capitals   That our elections will be based on honesty and truth.  We pray for a stop to all fraudulent voting.  That our elections will now have candidates who are men and women of Godly character! We pray for victory for good men like Judge Roy Moore and others who are willing to take a stand!  Lord raise them up and make us ready to do Your bidding and be Defenders of the Faith!

Lord, we know You are our strength, our Victory, our Salvation, our Redemption!  You want us to live an abundant life and to be united in spirit and truth!  We are here to do our part!  We are here standing shoulder to shoulder to march forward!  Use us as a Hammer in Your Hand to bring about Your Will! Thank you for hearing our prayer in Yeshua/ Jesus’ Name.  Amen!

Now, Lord as my brothers and sisters continue our prayer time protect them and give them wisdom in their sharing.  Protect them and guide them to reveal even more as You speak through them! Amen.



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