Aug 27, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We praise You and honor You with the love in our hearts.  Your are the only means and source for all that we have been blessed with in our land of America and any nation that calls upon You as their God.  During these chaotic times where there is much lawlessness and rebellion we seek Your protection for our families and those whom we cherish and love. We are so grateful for the leadership You have given us through president Trump and all those who share the same vision to make America exactly what You have planned us to be from our beginning.  We are so thankful that our land has a covenant with You that was made 400 years ago.  We are so blessed to be like Israel in so many ways but most especially since our founding fathers and mothers professed Jesus Christ is Lord  and we too speak loud: Jesus Christ is Lord and we too re-dedicate our land to You and seek to be made a people united to live in peace and harmony based on the Holy Scriptures just as our founding documents are and remain to be.  There is no other law but law of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, all others Lord are not we are governed by.  Lord continue to raise up righteous men and women to carry us through these times and to return to  law and order that is based on Your Justice as it is in heaven.

Father through the Holy Spirit we continue to seek Your Guidance and Discernment to make the  right choices when we elect those who represent us in governing us!  Lord bless us with those who will  make sure our votes are counted properly with out fraud and cheating!  Lord, give wisdom to President Trump and those assigned to watch over the voting process to choose that which ensures our vote to make a difference.  But we also pray that our people will take up their duty to vote and be involved with the politics in our nation.  For our duty is like doing our duty to You!  No nation like our nation has such a great privilege to choose who will lead us!  Lord, this time this vote is so important make us aware that our future is at stake right now for the evil forces trying to destroy us are at the gate and we are the ones who are the watchmen on the wall to fight the enemy and defeat them through prayer and fasting.  Now is our time to arise Lord!

Father, in the authority of Your Son, Jesus we bind the spirits of sorcery, magic and rebellion that hover over our land.  Let Your Waring Angels bring them down and that any stronghold in our land be crushed and broken!  Let the fire of the Holy Spirit burn at the root any of their resources or anyone who is used for destruction be stopped now and that they either repent or face the consequences of their free choice.  Lord, let Your people see how weak the enemy is because Jesus has already defeated their power but we are here to bring it to be in our time and moving forward in our future!  We speak the words of Psalm 37: Do not worry because of evil doers.  Do not be envious of the workers of injustice!  For they will soon be cut down like grass and wither like the leaves of the tree! Trust the Lord! Do good! So we will dwell in the land with freedom and justice for all under the Shadow of the Almighty!  Trust in Him and He will bring it to pass!  Rest in the LORD AND WAIT PATIENTLY FOR Him!

Thank You Father for hearing Your People now and forever Amen!

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