Feb 19, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Because of Your Son Jesus the Christ we now have a new and awesome vision of You. You are closer to us than our own mother and father.  That through Faith in Your Son we can come to You as Your children and draw close to Your Heart.  Father we repent of all the ways in which we have a distorted view of You.  You are not distant from us nor are You a harsh and demanding God, but a loving Father who takes delight in His children.  O Father we draw close to You draw us closer to You now and forever!

Father we seek Justice in our land that we all will live in the law and order You have provided us through Your Commandments.  When we follow and hold to them then we are blessed and everything goes well in the land.  Thank You, Father for giving us a leader in President Trump to bring about a return to law and order and a return to the laws of this land as found in our Constitution and all that has been based on laws You have given us in the Torah/Old Testament.  Thank You for the Gift of the Holy Spirit who reveals all truth to us and makes us aware of following in the footsteps of Your Son, Jesus the Christ who walked out Your Commands perfectly.  We are here to be obedient as He was.  Not our will but Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven !

Father, we decree and declare that justice prevail in our land.  We proclaim over those who have been assigned to be judges and decision makers that they be in one accord with Your Will for us and that they be in the robes of righteousness form Your Son, Jesus the Christ.  That those who are appointed or elected to theses offices of Justice be men and women who are of strong moral code and they are truly knowledgeable of the our Constitution and of the Sacred Scriptures to make decisions that are fair and just and that they be free from the bribe or the influence of those who seek to keep us captive and hold power over us.  Lord that Your Justice will prevail and America will live in the atmosphere of appreciation of law and order and that we be truly mindful of one another and be fair and true in all that we do in labor, sharing and living with one another.  Father, we desire to live as You have made us and shown us the Path to Peace that is made known  by Your Son, Jesus the Christ!

Father, in these days bring an end to all those who are corrupt and have placed us under a curse of disobedience to Your Way.  Father we walk away from legalism and politically correct influences and those who would put us in bondage to keep us from worshiping and proclaiming Your name publicly and wherever we live or come together even in this phone conference.  Lord we are free because of Your Son Jesus the Christ and we are here in boldness of Faith to live as true disciples and followers of your Word and that we are here to intercede to speak prophetically that what You have said is to be in our age will come to pass swiftly and definitely now and in our future!

Father, we intercede for those who have been abused or take advantage of or have been falsely accused in court systems.  Lord that those who have been imprisoned under false testimony and under-handness be set free and be given just recompense for the humiliation and unjust treatment!  Lord, let those who have used their position as judge to bring about decisions and rulings that are not their proper jurisdiction be brought to impeachment and removal from office and replaced by a righteous man or woman able to properly judge.  Lord just as You showed Moses who to delegate proper authority to, let President Trump and those he has chosen to be a part of the Justice Department bring about law and order as You desire and will.  Lord Your courts are filled with Justice so to are ours to be. Fill us Father with the Wisdom from the Holy Spirit to walk in righteousness and truth!  We know it will come to pass for we make our prayer in the Name of Your Son Jesus the Christ! Amen!

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