Jan 31, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

As we gather here as Your Army of the Kingdom we want to become more aware of how much You love us and how much value we have in Your Eyes because of all that Your Son, Yeshuah has poured out for us.  We  are here Father under the shadow of Your Wings knowing that we are protected from the arrows of the enemy and all that he attempts to harm us with.  Lord, keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies so that we hear only Your Voice and we are here to do Your Will.

Father, we know that through our repentance we have drawn closer to You and we can walk in confidence of Faith that we are here to win the victory.  We are here to follow You into Battle not to loose but only to win, because we are here to spread Your Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  Lord keep us from any defilement or tendency to give up because the battle may seem to wear us down. Strengthen us in our resolve to move forward as miracles are happening around us that are due to Your intervention and You hearing our hearts cry to bring Justice and Restoration to our nation and in Israel and any nation that seeks to be a part of Your Kingdom here on the earth.

Father, continue to build strong character in us to stand against the evil forces that promote the darkness in all its forms especially in areas where we ten do feel weak and unsure of ourselves.  But when when we look to Your Son we are restored and made new again.  We are so grateful for the Holy Spirit who is our comforter and who guides us into all through even when we hear the lies and deceit of the enemy force through the media and other forms of so called entertainment.  Lord continue to open our eyes to what is really going on and to have the discernment to follow those who lead in Righteousness and Truth!

Father that each member of the Strike Force of Prayer be so aware of our great value in Your Eyes, because we have been bought at a great price the Blood of Yeshua.  Lord we really do mean something to You!  Have each of us recognize that You love us completely and You see us cleansed and pure as the Bride we are meant to be.  That in every struggle we have and ever circumstance no matter how painful or challenging that You are with us and that You never abandon us.  Your Word of Promise is true and all that You say You will do and have been doing all along for Your our Father and we are Your children.  Praise and Thank You Father!

Father, Your Son has bestowed on us authority to speak in His Name to bring down the strongman and any stronghold in our land.  Father in Yeshuah’s Name as He spoke in the midst of the storm: we speak to the weather that is affecting so many in this land we say Peace be still! Give heat to those who need warmth and to calm the hearts of those in the track of this weather that there be a break through now to alter this condition so that Your People are safe and protected from any ill affects.

Father, we repent of all the evil affects against the unborn. Lord what has happened in New York and that other states that are doing something similar to stop the down fall of Roe verses Wade may it all fall back on those who are doing such evil in our land.  We  stay Stop now to this insanity to take life and destroy!  Lord raise up even more to stand firmly for Life and to do all that can be done in our power to raise the awareness of all in America that this evil must stop and to protect the child in the womb.  Lord hear the cry of Your people and the blood of the innocent from our land to bring change and dry up the food source of the worship of Baal and all false gods who have infiltrated our America.

Father mark this last day of this month as moment when we march forward led by a President You have anointed for our time that we will rush the enemy lines and see a break through against all of those who have foolishly chosen to destroy our nation and may we see now that Justice prevails and those who will not repent are brought to Justice and face the iniquity they have caused.  Lord let the tribunals and all other forms of Justice prevail now!  We are here to stand firm and calm in spite of the storm to pray and support our president and all who battle with him to bring Your Agenda into full operation.

Father, one more thing protect our prophetic voice, Mark Taylor in a special way against all the attacks of the enemy as he is voicing strong words to America about what is happening and what we are to be prepared for in our day.  Lord tha nk You for giving him the courage to speak and reveal to those who have ears to hear and a heart to stand with him and the words he has revealed!

Father, we are confident that You hear our heartfelt cry for we make it in the Name of Yeshuah! Amen.

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