May 16, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

in the Name and the authority of Yeshuah we proclaim and decree in this hour renewed strength and renewed energy in these moments of battle to use the Hammer of justice to fall on all those who are corrupt and all those who hold office  either in the past or presently to face a choice either repent or suffer the consequences of their choices to destroy America from within.   Lord even if they were holding the trust of the nation in the highest offices in the land may they continue to be exposed and to face Justice.  Lord, your people have been under captivity long enough it is time to see the corrupt under Judgment.  Lord, continue to hear the prayers of your people as we repent and decree that now is the time to heal our lan d and make us the nation You have planned from all eternity!

Father, we decree and declare that all those who have been appointed to work and serve in the Department of Justice be in righteousness.  That they be men and women of honor in service to our President Trump and our nation to weed out the corrupt and to prosecute those who have taken the bribe or used their office for personal gain and wealth.   Lord may all those who have hidden their sin of treason against our nation shake in their boots and truly be exposed that there is no where to run or hide facing the truth is all that they can and will do! Lord, your people are ready for the Hammer of Justice to fall and we will see Righteousness prevail!

Father in these day we stand in Faith and face any fear that is spoken against us whether if be through the fear of the spread of the virus or any other issue of health that the enemy uses to stop America from  returning to its rightful position of recovery from all the plans of destroying America whether in  our economy or though a undermining of our moral character.  We decree and declare that we are a people who stand by the rule of laws that are just to separate evil from good and to protect the innocent and guiltless!  We are a people who obey just laws and abide true limitations that make each of us and honorable and valuable part of the Your Will for us in America and in Israel and any nation whose God is You O Lord!  It is time for Kingdom Nations to defeat all those who rule and reign by darkness and the evil in men’s hearts that we will see Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done and now and for all eternity!

Father, we decree and declare that this Army of prayer warriors are united in spirit and truth that all forms of gossip, bickering and backbiting and disunity cease now!  That we are of one mind and heart in Christ Jesus and that as an Army armored up press forward in our battle to make the United States of America a nation truly a land of the free and the home of the brave under You Lord God!   That our traditions of prayer, fasting and repentance continue to prevail in our land and that we will continue to have men and women who will serve You Lord and represent us in our government so that we may fulfill the prophetic words that have been spoken over us that the days of the corrupt have come to an end! And we will see Your Glory in all that is unfolding in these days.  That by pentecost and outpouring the Holy Spirit will flow across the land and more of Your people will awaken to their great gift You have been bestowed on us will be used to make America a land for the launching of the Great Harvest You have planned!  What a great an awesome moment You have given us so we give You Glory, Honor and praise in Thanksgiving!

Father, we decree and declare special protection for all those men and women who have exposed the evil ones who have promoted sex trafficking and all forms of perversion to our youth.

Lord, we are especially mindful of those who are under going any form of persecution for revealing the truth.   That they will continue to have the courage and boldness to reveal as You give them insight to do so.  That it is time for evil to be destroyed and driven from the land and that all those who have been a part of it face Justice and make restitution and recompense for the hurt and harm they have cause.  We hate evil Lord, as You hate it and we do not want in our land so that You can dwell us and we with You in a sacred land to give Your Glory and honor forever and ever.  Amen!

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