May 17, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We seek Your Will with all of our heart.  We know You have a sacred plan for us and we seek it to be done in our day—not as the world wants it but as You want!  We are here to be just like Your Son, Yeshua in all things, but especially in how we treat one another, our brothers and sisters.

Father we ask that You cover us so that the enemy does not perceive what we are doing as the Army of Your Kingdom.  Lord, keep us off the enemy’s radar and let confusion reign in his camp so much so that their plans, plots and schemes fall apart even as they try to bring them into existence.  Lord, just like You gave us President Trump to lead us in this hour, the enemy still does not know how he won and how he continues to be our President, all plans they seemed so sure would work came to naught!  Lord, we laugh with You as the enemy is foolish to think that they can out do what You do.  For this we are so grateful to You!

Father, now with all those who do not understand the prophet’s words about what is coming and is happening , prepare us to be ready to assist and disciple those will turn to us for help and counsel.  Lord the shake up that is coming to the Church, whether it be for Catholic, Protestants or any denomination or affiliation, we want to be ready to help and direct them to know it is of You and that Yeshua is still our only means of salvation.  He is our shining example of how to love one another and obey Your Commands!

Father, as You have drawn America and Israel together make us aware that is by Faith in You that this plan will unfold and we will see the miracles in our time for those to be healed and the needs of Your people be fulfilled through the resources You are bringing to us in our day.  Lord,  as another example show us the miracle your prophet has stated about energy being free without the need of OPEC or any other global group who manipulates us out of greed and control.  That all who are a part of this will fall into the destruction they have planned for us be on them!  We know that all that is to come to pass is because of You and what You have planned for America, Israel and all the sheep nations You draw together.

Father, in our land we want to continue to serve and treat our brothers and sisters in need just as Yeshua showed us to love one another, because Love is of You, from You and through You for You are a God of Love!

Lord, grant us discernment  and the Wisdom we need to see who the true sheep of Your flock are separated from the wolves in sheep’s clothing!  As the people of Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska and Pennsylvania vote today may they choose the ones You have anointed to lead us and step into the position to support the agenda You have placed in the heart of President Trump to fulfill.  Continue to guide us during this election season to do as You have planned for us.

Father, give us insight in taking care of our land and its produce to feed us and others in need.  Bless our farmers and all those who till the land so that we truly treat our environment as You have taught us to increase and multiply in Your Word.  Our land is sacred to You as we have from the beginning been in covenant with You, just as the land of Israel is sacred to You because You have claimed it and You have the Blood of Your Son in the land.  We are here on scared ground to worship You in spirit and truth.

Father, that the words of Your prophet will be fulfilled because we are in unity in our faithful prayers now for America, Israel and where Your Good News is accepted.  Lord, help us change our thinking so will not be strong headed and hard hearted, but truly soft clay so that You will form us into the image of Your Son, Yeshua.  Father, we give You thanks for all that You have done and are doing now in this hour in Yeshua’s name. Amen!




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