Feb 5, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

As we gather here before You in this sacred time we place ourselves under the shadow of Your wings for protection from the enemy especially so that he may not perceive the plans You have for us.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies so that we have no interference of any kind as we lay our prayers before You!  Lord we seek that Your Holy Angels defend us from any chaos, turmoil, anxiety or distractions of any kind that will harm any member of Your Strike Force of Prayer Warriors.  We are confident and trust Your loving way with us!  As disciples of Your Son, Yeshua, we proudly call You ABBA/DADDY our Father, knowing of Your tender Mercy toward us even though we are weak  we are made strong by Your Touch in our lives.

Father, we first of all repent of any in justice we have caused or been involved with in our actions with one another from the smallest fault to the biggest.  We know because we ask forgiveness we receive it from You!  We extend the forgiveness You have given us to all those who have been unjust toward us in any way.  We are here as Your Army to now bring Justice into our land as You direct us to in the battle we are engaged in to make America what it was created to be a land of freedom under the banner of Jesus Christ our Lord and King.  This land was dedicated to You and we want that fulfilled in our time.  We want to live our lives under the Laws You have placed in our hearts according to the covenant You have given us through Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer!  Lord we are armored up now to do Your Will and see Your Kingdom come now as it is in heaven.

Father, we especially place a prayer of protection over our President Trump, his wife and family.  A shield of protection around all those who are in his staff and administration and we seek that those who are betrayers of his trust and plans be weeded out and righteous men and women be able to assume the roles of help that he needs.  We seek a special anointing on him from the Holy Spirit that his words when he addresses the nation tonight at the State of Union be ones that will capture the hearts of American and awaken an awareness of what You, Lord are doing by giving him to us for such a time as this!

Father we seek even more of Justice prevail through out  America as President Trump appoints more righteous men and women to be Judges that will make our judicial system do as it was created to do not make laws but assure Americans that our laws are just and follow the Constitution.  Lord that no other law interfere with our life as Americans, we are here to live by our laws and no other influences from any foreign government or religious laws like sharia or any other form ideology.  We the people of America are only ruled by our Constitution & laws that are just according to it!  We are here Lord to worship you freely and we want no other false gods before You!

Lord we seek Justice to prevail in our land against all those who have betrayed public trust through bribery or other evil intents to destroy America and those who have acted in any treasonous manner face the consequences of their actions.  Lord we intercede for all those who have been treated unjustly through our legal system that they be full exonerated and that they walk free from all that they have suffered by unjust actions of judges and any part of the legal system that was used falsely or in a prejudicial way be exposed and true Justice prevail in every case!  Lord we are a free people and we seek true Justice to be the rule of the land.  Justice as You have shown us through the Scriptures and Your actions throughout history for Your faithful  followers and disciples of Your Son, Yeshua!

Lord, we know that we show are character by how we treat one another.  We are here Lord to rat others as Your Law has taught us to treat one another as we want to be treated.  Lord the example of Your Son is the image we want to follow no matter how we weak of foolish we may be at times, He is our Whom we are to follow and be just like Him to one another now and throughout the generations to come!  We march forward now taking up our cross, denying ourselves and follow in His footsteps, for we know that our land will be blessed and made strong because of Him our Lord and King!

Let Your Justice prevail across not only America but around the world as more nations and their peoples cry out and seek Justice in their lives and in their governments that rule them.  Lord we intercede for Israel as it prepares for new elections.  We intercede  for England as it struggles with its choice to be a Christian nation or one to be ruled by hypocrites and the invasion of false religion.  We intercede for France as the people rise up against the injustice that also rules in their land.  We intercede for any nation who is under the influence of the Holy Spirit to align themselves with Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

Father You have raised up this Army of Prayer Warriors to make way for the Kingdom to be alive and well and rule over us.  Thank You for that privilege to be a part of what You are doing in our time.  We make our prayer in Yeshua’s name. Amen!

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