Mar 19, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come in humility and thankfulness before You because of Yeshuah, Your Son and our Messiah and King.  Such a great sacrifice of Love. Innocent and pure He stood in our place and suffered judgment for us and died on a Roman stake to set us free from sin and iniquity and allow us to be close to You now and into eternity!  We cannot thank You enough.  So we pledge to you our honor and all that we are and have to You. Lord, we are here as your servants willing to be used as instruments of reconciliation so that others can be brought into Your family and this great army You have raised up to spread Your Kingdom here on earth!

Father as we assemble here as Your Army of Prayer Warriors keep us under the shadow of Your Wings and release Your Holy Angels to be our shield of protection against all the wiles, plots and schemes of the evil one and his minions.  Keep us off the enemies radar and scramble his frequencies so that there is an open and direct communication from Your heart to our heart and You will hear Your Warriors as we make our prayers before You.  Let all confusion, chaos and anxiety and distractions stay in his camp and fall on those who are aligned with him in our land and in the nations of the earth.

Father, we are here to offer You our sacrifice of Praise in the name of our True High Priest, Yeshuah. Whatever You ask of us we will do for You.  Give us strength even in our weakness.  Lord, when we die to ourselves we draw closer to You.  There is really nothing that this world has to offer that makes us happy unless we are one in the spirit with You.  Lord, we know we are free from sin and that we can walk without shame, guilt, embarrassment or condemnation because the Blood of Yeshuah has washed us clean. Our past has been wiped clean and You have said don’t look back to the sin of the past but walk now as new and redeemed!  Thank You Father!

Lord, we want to be prepared for the change that is coming. You have answered our repentance and prayer to save America and made us again a shining Light among the nations to spread Your Kingdom and to keep Israel a sacred place.  Israel is forever!  Lord we seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance to be ready to bring love and Your healing Grace to all those who are sick, imprisoned, weak, lost, hungry and wounded.  Lord prepare our hearts to make any sacrifice even for our children  and those who depend on us to be a friend in time of need.  Lord it is by sacrifice we draw closer to You and one another.  May our sacrifice be a pleasing aroma in Your Temple.

Lord we want to place a special protection on our President as he leads us to bring down all that is not what You want for us.  Especially all that is being done to stop all the abuse and horrible things done to our children from the unborn to all the children that have been brought into sex trafficking and blood sacrifice.  Lord bring the Hammer of Justice on these evil ones swiftly to stop this iniquity and to have them face the consequences of this evil that is in our land and across the earth.  We seek special protection for the men and women who are willing to sacrifice themselves in harms way to rescue and save these children wherever they find them.  May all those who live in arrogance and mockery be brought to shame for ignoring this evil toward children.  Lord enough is enough.  We are not here to worship Satan or any other idol or false god, but only You the Living and True God, our Father in Heaven in the Name of Yeshuah, Your Son!

Lord through the divide that we find in America may the convicting power of the Holy Spirit bring an awakening to those who have fallen asleep or lost their hope.  We proclaim and decree Now is the hour of our God revealing what needs to fall and to build up that which You have destined for our time.  Bring forth more of those who are willing to sacrifice to make America a land of true Liberty and Justice for all.  Lord make us aware that the only allegiance we have is to You and that we as Americans have a foundation in our founding documents that is based on Your Word and true belief in our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.  All that we have been given is through Faith in You O Lord.  May we not forget and always teach our children Your Ways O Lord.  We proclaim and decree we have no king but King Jesus and we are a people made free through the Blood of Yeshuah. Our land is here for You to rule and reign over so that we may truly live as brothers and sisters in Your Family!  Lord truly make America what You have destined us to be!

In Yeshuah’s Name.


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