Jun 7, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come in repentance for our foolish ways of being divided by so many mental and physical approaches,ideas and prejudices.  Instead of focusing on our unity in the Spirit, how foolish we are!  Lord erase the lines of disunity and make us one now as You are one God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  In this moment we are gathered unite us in the strong bond of Yeshua’s love  that as we pray we may see the Power that You have given us to defeat the enemy in all his plots, schemes and plans against us!

Thank You, Father, for making us one in Your Son, Yeshua!  As we untie here in the Spirit blind the enemy by the Light we share.  May our praise and worship of You deafen the enemy’s ears and confuse his camp of followers because of our voices united in true worship of You.  Father, let Your Holy Angels encircle us with Your Protection so that nothing the enemy tries to do will have no success and that all that has been planned against us be in his own camp that will bring disunity and confusion in every effort they form against us!  Father because of You we are made strong in our weakness and we know tha tin all of our success is because of Your Grace and Mercy.  We are grateful that You have called us into Your Army of Warriors and made us Your children an important part of Your Family in Your Kingdom.

Father in this hour awaken Your church especially its leaders to foolish divisions that have been set up by traditions, rituals, theologies, and all forms of intellectual calculations and disagreements.  All of this keeps us from truly being one in the Spirit.  In this moment Father may we see one another as true believers  in Your Son, Yeshua, so that we are one as Your and Him are one!

No more divisions, Lord, by denominations, philosophies, theologies and labels and names.  Lord we leave it ll behind in this moment as we are united in our Prayer and our voice to proclaim Your Glory!  Lord let Your Love dominate our life together today.  That we see one another as You see us!  May we move now from prayer to action in all we are called to do today!

Lord, we are living in a time we need more discernment and Wisdom in the actions we are to take in fighting the evil here in  America and around the world. Lord, forgive us we call our selves Christians and yet to this day there are still those who do not see Your Anointing on our President Trump and his family and administration that are being used to fulfill Your Agenda for America and to clean out the deep state and all the evil doers who are trying to destroy us!  Lord, awaken the voters today to choose those You want to help President Trump in all the state primaries today and into the future right up to election day in November.  Lord help us to realize what we do that cooperates with You  is what will make Americ great again as You have planned it!  Lord, open the eyes of the blind and deaf in America who do not understand what You are doing so that we can be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all!

Father, show us the way to continue the attack and pursue the downfall of the enemy and that all the secret place where they hide their satanic rituals on the earth and under the ground in caves and tunnels beneath us .  Just as Your prophet Mark Taylor has  instructed us it is beneath the earth that needs to be exposed.  Give strength to those who are now doing the work like the veterans in Arizona exposing the pedophilia and other sexual perversions on our land in the tunnels.  Lord, in this moment expose more and show us how we can and will combat this and destroy the works of the devil through the power of Yeshua!

Lord we thank You for all the good men and women who study and teach the Scriptures so we truly understand what You are saying to us.  Thank you for all the men and women who are serving us in the military and law enforcement, fire and rescue and all forms of helping and saving others from the evil around them!  Thank You Lord for all those who are standing in righteousness now to lead our government and return us to the heritage of our founders and their vision You gave them to make America a part of Your Kingdom here on earth!

In Yeshua’s Name we pray!  Amen.


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