Jan 15, 2019

Listen to the Prayer Audio:

Before we begin with our Prayer  before our Daddy/God, we want to take a moment for all of us to be aware how great and big our God is from the spiritual side of life. As each of us is gathered here through the phone lines all across America, Canada and other nations and where ever our voice will be heard in, on or under the earth.  We are here in the spirit as one.  This is a sign of how vast God is.  It is as if we are all in one room in the house, yet we are miles away from one another in one accord! This is God!  He said where two or three gather in my name I am present.  He is present right at this moment with each of us.  This is the awesome God we serve.  He hears us, knows us and loves us.  Give Him Praise for He is awesome.  What He has Promised, He will do and always has and our time is no different!  Thank You, Father for this assembly now.  All we can do is Trust Him!

Heavenly Father,

As Your chosen Army of Prayer Warriors we come on bended knee before You!  With humble and contrite hearts we seek to intercede for our nation, America and with all our brothers and sisters from their nations we seek to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

Tod ay we take note that we are here to believe and follow Your Commands in this war that we are waging.  Father we seek protection for all of us from the enemy’s  tactics, schemes, plots and plans and ll of his trickery.  Safeguard us from the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies, so that we will have no interference in clearly hearing Your Voice and follow You are true and good Shepherd.

Father we seek that Your Power is raised up to crush the hardened hearts here in our land who resist, rebel and cause chaos and unrest against the prophetic voice  of Mark Taylor even among our own assemblies. Father You have given him words for us to follow and yet there is still doubt that he is one of Your prophets for our day: Lord take the blinders off of these stubborn mules of holding back what God has destine for us to have happen in our day!  Not only in our assemblies but across this land by leaders and voices that still reject President Trump and the men and women who share his burden to bring America back from the brink of self-destruction and to restore true Justice and Mercy to the American people.  Lord bring pressure to bear on those who are in positions of authority who are not willing to follow President Trump’s leadership through the voice of the people!

Lord that those who are in elected positions  be made aware that their power is nothing like your power and just as you showed Pharaoh of Egypt through 10 plagues like locusts, darkness and even ultimately through the death of the first born nothing can stop what You will to do.  And as You did in those days: protect Your People for we are covered by the Blood of the Lamb.  Lord, whatever it takes to change the minds and hearts of the rebellious. We say: Start it Now!



Father during this month we especially want to proclaim the Right to Life for all, but especially the unborn  With the Sword of faith and all that you have given us as spiritual weapons, we move forward fully armed and armored to take back the land. To defeat the enemy/ the strong man and any of his strongholds on our land either legally or illegally to drive them out  and we will keep the land until You return.

Father strengthen us when we feel weak and vulnerable in standing up against any of the loud voices of our time whether they be people from the media or other high profiles or who in any way support the food source of Baal.  We are here Lord to speak more clearly our position.

Lord, we repent for any foolishness and weakly compromising ways of the past!  But now  we say clearly: No more child sacrificing or any killing of the innocent children for blood to them feel young and plan to live forever under Luciferian ways.  No more false worship of gods that we have allowed to enter our land.  Show Lord as You did in Egypt of old that there is no god like Our God!  Even if destruction and death is a means to obtain  it then we trust You Father to do that which is Right!

Father, we place before You all those who are serving You to stop all the sexual perversion, child abuse, child trafficking and all the other demonic works of those who falsify and pervert the Good News and Your Sacred Scriptures.  We are here, Father to walk by Faith, knowing the Holy Spirit shines light for our path as we become more and more the image of Your Son, Yeshua here on earth.  We pray it all in Yeshua’s mighty Name! Amen!

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