May 1, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done in us, Your servants and members of Your Army.  We proclaim You as our Commander in Chief over all that we have done and our called to do now in such a time s this.  Lord, we are disciple of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, our nation and the nation of Israel.

Father, keep us off the enemy’s radar and bring confusion into his camp so that they fall on their own swords!  With Michael, the Archangel bring forth You Heavenly Host to defend us in this war so that the enemy is soundly defeated in all of their evil plots and plans to bring down America through foreign and domestic betrayers of all that is sacred in our land!  Lord, lead us in this war that we will see ourselves victorious because of Your Plan place in our hearts and because You reign over us!  With confidence in Your Power we know that no weapon formed against us will prosper or defeat us.  Lord we keep moving forward on the land and sea and in the air for we know we wrestle not against flesh and blood but the principalities and powers knowing You have given us all authority to stand and defend all that You have given us in Spirit and Truth.

Father, we fight under the Banner of the Sacred Blood of Yeshua, Your Son and our Savior and King!  It is through the Blood that we are made clean and strengthened in our resolve to follow You the Source of Life and Light in our world.  Keep us close to You O Lord!

The Blood of Yeshua is our source of healing…for life is in the Blood of Yeshua!  Lord, we know that one drop of Your Blood will clear every hospital and clinic and sick bed. In this moment of prayer we reach out to all of our wounded warriors here and throughout the land of America, Israel and every sheep nation.  Restore Your wounded warriors!  Strengthen them!  For by Your stripes we are healed. Lord we bring before You now those whom we cherish and direct our attention to like Larry Nichols and the other in our families, friends and neighbors and all those who serve this land.

Lord, as happened to Your people of Israel in the past, when they put the lamb’s blood on the door post that angel of destruction passed over them so now under the Banner of Blood of Yeshua let the angel of destruction pass over us to hit the enemy’s camp.  We apply the Blood of Yeshua to our President Trump. His wife, his children and all the faithful men and women who serve with him to accomplish Your Will here in America.  Lord, set us free from the bondage that the enemy has place on us through laws and regulations because we have  been foolishly neglectful and blind.  Lord, because of Your Blood we are now free.  We are here to serve in Your Army now and throughout all eternity

Lord we place the Blood on our land so the the farms and all the crops used to feed your people here and with whom we share that we will see an abundance.

Lord like in Israel the Sacred Blood of Your Son fell on the land which makes it Your sacred land do so in the spirit to our now too!

Father, through the Blood of Yeshua we cover all those who serve us in the military, law enforcement, first responders, and all who volunteer to help those in need.  Through the Blood of Yeshua we cover the elections and all those who are willing to be candidates to serve in elected office that the elections be without fraud and illegal votes.  Through the Blood of Yeshua we cover all of our youth, our children from all the attacks of the enemy through the media  and other forms of sexual perversion!  We declare and proclaim it now! In the Blood of Yeshua!

Father, through the Blood of Yeshua we apply It to our brothers and sisters gathered here on this call and those who are united with us in spirit.  That Your Army is fully protected from all the efforts of the enemy.  We are victorious under the Banner of the Sacred Blood of Yeshua.  Thank You for making us free men and women.  We give You all the Glory, Honor, Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving! Amen!


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