May 8, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to you with humble, contrite hearts and an attitude of repentance for all we have done that has cause disunity in Your Family!  We know You as a Father that is filled with Mercy and Forgiveness and at the same moment filled with Righteous Anger toward us sinful as we may be.  Because of our Faith and Love for Your Son, Yeshua we are Your chosen members of Your Kingdom Family.  We look to You, Lord, for protection and guidance in our war with the enemy.  Release Your Holy Angels to defend us in this war that is raging.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble the enemy’s hearing and seeing!  Give us Wisdom as Your Army moves forward to spread the Kingdom through the earth!

Today, Father in America we are calling this day a time of Prayer with a theme of Unity.  A nation called together to pray as one in the spirit. We are seeking to proclaim Your Might Name and call for oneness throughout the Land!  A time to set aside any difference, opinions and attitudes that separate us and cause friction between this people.  We declare today that we are one in the spirit to give Your, glory, honor , praise, worship and thanksgiving!

Yeshua, Your Son, has shown us  and even prayed for us to be one in the spirit and love one another.  We know that is by dying to ourselves, taking up the cross and following in Yeshua’s footsteps

that this unity is fulfilled  So with Faith, strong Faith,we cry out to You that we are united in Faith and Love!

Today, is a day, Father, that we unite in Prayer.  Prayer is are expression to You to be as Your Children seeking protection for our President Trump and all who truly committed to help him govern America with Justice & Truth. Father, let the Holy Spirit blow across our land to make it whole ne again so that we may all live in true unity and peace!

Father, today we are of one voice so that we speak the truth in every circumstance.  We reject sin and all the evil plotings and plans to divide us by color, race and creed. As Yeshua has proclaimed over us in prayer and so we too proclaim in one voice: No more racial prejudice!  No more sexual abuse or loss of respect as to who we are as a man,or a woman, sons and daughters, true children of You Father!  No more separation but joining together that we are one in spirit and truth and worship You the true God!

Lord, we come together to be one in choosing this day to serve You and follow Your commands!  Unite in word and deeds we are thankful that You call the United States of America to be a leader in spreading the Light of Your Kingdom!  We are destined to be Beacon of Light in a dark world and be defenders and protectors of the Truth.

Lord, it is part of our heritage to be protective and willing to serve the poor and needy, especially those who want to come here to be a part and live in this land of the free and the home of the brave ruled and living by the rules of America!  Today and everyday You command us to walk in the Light in a dark world.  But we know that Light in a dark world.  But we know that where there is Light the darkness leaves.  Thank You, Father.  In Yeshua’s name we pray and call it done and finished.  Amen


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