May 2, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

We come to you with humble, contrite hearts and burdened for so many concerns here in America and around the world.  We are here to intercede Lord so we seek Your Protection as we pray that we will be kept off the enemy’s radar and to be kept free of any interference in any way, but especially in regards to technology.  That there will be no repercussions by the enemy for what we bring before You.  That those who troll and look for reasons to silence what we do will be caught in their own traps and fall into the chaos they are trying to create for us.  Lord we are Your Army and we stand ready to defend the Truth and all those who live in righteousness doing the work You have assigned them!

Father here in America it is our National Day of Prayer as our President Trump has declared, so we stand with all of our brothers and sisters who are untied this day to pray for our nation and all the concerns facing our President Trump and all those who are working with him to make America be the land You have planned for us since its beginning!  Lord as we unite and speak out may we see swift answers, especially for the Hammer of Justice to fall on those who bring evil to the land and have no repentance in their heart for what they have done or are doing.  Lord blood has been spilled for freedom and so it cries out for Your Justice.

Lord, we are here to bring our case before the Courts of Heaven to plead for the Nation to be released and divorced from Satan’s hold on our government, especially in the justice system.  We repent of our sins, transgressions and iniquity that we have in any way committed or been a part of in our lives here in America.  We repent for our leaders and those we have elected that have been weak or too selfish to defend the truth and to aid your people, especially the poor and needy among us.  They have overlooked their duty to protect and serve Americans instead of their own greed.  Lord depose them and bring them to face what they have done so righteous ones will arise to take their place!  Lord, your promise is if we repent and change our ways You will heal our land. We are here to follow through with what has been started by You through President Trump and all the other men and women who have been doing their best to make the changes we need.  Bless and protect them as they continue to do their assignments under the anointing that You have placed on them.

Lord, we bring to You the states of our union that are under attack by those who will try to overturn morality and proper authority to bring the Satanic way of life through abortion and other sexual perversions and to drive out our spiritual foundation of the Word to which we have been faithful.  Each state represented here on this call has a legal right to plead our case before You in the courts of heaven.  Overturn any legislation that is an abomination to Life in You!  We intercede especially for New York, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and the other states that have given up on morality and turned toward the satanic.  Lord that the people in these states now open a portal for the Holy Spirit to blow mightily across the land.  May we see more of Your Power manifest through prayers and actions to change from death to life, from bondage to freedom and debt to prospering according to Your Plans for us.

Father, on this day of prayer we bring before You special intercession for our brothers and sisters of the land of Israel who remember a day of mourning today for all the persecution and holocaust they have endured.  We repent of any hatred or evil we have spoken or been taught to believe about the Jewish people through our church traditions no matter whether they are Catholic or Protestant.  We have all fallen short of true respect and regard for Your people who have given us the messiah, Your Son, Yeshuah.  May they be blessed to soon know Yeshuah as their Messiah and bring about the longing to be one Faith in Jesus the Christ.

Lord, we also intercede today for other nations that find themselves in turmoil and want to bring change and be a part of Your Kingdom Life here on earth.  We bring to You the nation of South Africa and its many difficulties as they face an election on May 8th.  May those who will lead their nation into true freedom and justice arise.  That the movement You have started there be given the Fire of the Holy Spirit to change their nation!   Also, we bring our brothers and sisters in the nation of Venezuela as they are brought out of the socialism that has destroyed them into a refreshing Wind of Change by Your Holy Spirit.  Free Your people so that they may have true peace and prosperity according to following Your Holy Word.  Bless these people Lord with Freedom from tyranny and the evils of socialism and communism.  Lord we intercede for the nations of Europe like France, Spain, England & Germany and others that the Fire of the Holy Spirit will kindle in them a Fire of Freedom and Justice for all.   We seek Your answer for them now in Yeshuah’s Name.

Lord, hear our cry now and always we come to You in the Name of Your Son, Yeshuah and in the unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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