Sep 26, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You washed clean of all sin and iniquity by the Blood of Your Son, Jesus and

Father if there is any other thing in us that we need to repent for we are here to do so under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit! We seek to be completely in Your Hands to be used to defend and spread You Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. Father we seek that our land of America be wiped clean of all sin that we have allowed to happen here from abortion to any racial strife to the sins of hate of one another . We repent for all that has damaged our nation because we did not stand for Justice and truth. We repent of our history where we mistreated native Americans, had slavery and other human atrocities. We stand freely because of Your Forgiveness through Your Son, Jesus! We seek the Holy Fire to burn away all of the past and we stand now in Your Presence because the generational curses of the past are broken off of us because of the Blood of Your Son, Jesus. We stand before You guilt free and unashamed without condemnation nor embarassment for we know that the Blood of Your Son has made us clean and given us authority to now bring down the strongholds of the enemy.

Father, in the authority of Your Son we come against the lies and deceit that is being forced upon us by those who prefer evil destruction of our nation. Lord, we call out that these evil persons who are in our government to be exposed and be brought to Justice. Lord, we have been slaves too long to these lies, thinking that we cannot change because we do not have the power, but we do have the Power to bring righteousness into the land and to restore law and order. Thank You for waking us up in this hour to refuse to be bullied by those who are lawless. We shine Your Light into the darkness of our cities, towns and communities that the corrupt have come to their end now.

By all the authority vested in us by You Lord God, we loose the Holy Fire from Your Heavenly Realm to burn all the altars and temples and idols in the spiritual and in the natural. We rebuke, bind and cast down all spirits, powers and principalities that are operating in and through BLM, Antifa, and all “Resist” organizations, operations and movements designed to take down our Republic. We loose the judgments and Justice of God on all these people, parties and organizations. We take full authority of all the places and spaces from which they have been operating, they no longer have any where to hide and plot. We do this in the Name of Jesus!

Lord God in this moment we come against the media that spreads lies and falsely reports what is happening and even encourages lawlessness. In this moment we loose the Holy Fire to rage in their press rooms, their meetings and all those who plot and scheme to report against the righteous. Lord, right now we take authroity to stop the plots and schemes that are being planned against President Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court. Lord that the woman he picks will be swiftly approved and the lies of of false witnesses will find their tongues tied and their lies will fall on them. Lord, Your Word says false witnesses will be stoned so we demand Justice to rule in the proceedings for this appointee and her character will remain unscathed and her valor extolled before us! Lord the media is to fall now for all its lies and raise up those who are true journalists and reporters who will report and reveal the truth to our nation! Lord the old system is corrupt may the Holy Fire burn it up now. Burn up all of its resources of finances and all who have built this system be exposed and see their evil entities collapse and be ashes! We claim this in Jesus Name!

Father, there is nothing to be exalted but You! It is not for our glory but for Yours. Thank You

for giving us fine leaders like President Trump, AG Bar and the others of the Justice Department who are honestly and trustworthy doing that which bring law and order to our nation. Let Your Holy Angels be dispatched by our words in these prayers to bring this about: Righteousness in Land of America! It is so! Amen and Alleluia!

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