Aug 23, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You to give You glory, honor and praise in thanksgiving for all that You have done and are doing in this day, which You have made so we rejoice in Your Presence!  Lord as Your Praying People gather here before You keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies so that we may hear Your Voice and follow Your Commands.  Make us one in the Spirit and one in all You call us to do.

Father, we are here to wait on You!  We are Your servants and are willing to be used as You Will.  We surrender our will and trust You completely. Mold us Lord to be the Image of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!  Keep us mindful that we are to love one another as He showed us to die to our selfish ways and to give to others freely that which You have given us!  That we walk with repentant hearts and the willingness to forgive those who have harmed us or wounded us so that we will be free to do as You command!

Father, during this time of Justice being brought forth in America and around the world, we want Your Peace and calmness to rule over us!  That which we have hungered for true Justice we see unfolding before us.  Let those who will not repent and will not give up their evil ways face the consequences of their choices.  Lord, we know that now is a time when we are being released from the captivity, we have been under for such a long time. Let true freedom ring again in our land that we will see our enemies fall and we will be restored all that has been stolen from us and all of the oppressive laws and judgments continue to be taken off of us.

Lord for too long we have seen the injustice in our court systems where the innocent is ruled against.  Continue to guide President Trump in his appointments of righteous men and women to the important judgeships.  Lord, that we will soon see the fulfillment of the prophetic voice of Mark Taylor that three more will be taken off the Supreme Court.  Lord from the highest court to the lowest court in the land may Justice prevail.  That any who have taken the bribe or have allowed prejudice be a part of their decisions be exposed and over turned.  Let those who have made false rulings be exposed and silenced.  Lord in any case that has involved child trafficking or child abuse or any form of sexual perversion especially against our youth be brought down now!  Do not allow any decision made in favor of evil be overturned and true Justice stand!   Let freedom reign again and morality be here to protect the innocent and any who have been falsely accused be set free now.  As it is in Your Courts of Heaven O Lord, may it be so here on earth!

Lord, we are in a patient position to allow the wheels of Justice to turn slowly, but Lord make sure that Justice prevails over those who have been treasonous and have gotten away with the lies and deception long enough.  The ones who are guilty let them fall now as You have always protected Your People from all who hate us and have been our enemies.  Lord, for too long the life style of the wicked has been left to prosper now is the time Lord to turn over to Your people the riches of the wicked so that we can build Your Kingdom on earth.  Lord purify our hearts so that we will use the riches You place in our hands as good stewards willing to share and bless those You place before us.  Lord, that we will see a renewal of our banking system and those who have oppressed with usury and debt that we will prosper as You have planned for Your Kingdom here on earth.

Father, we grieve with those who grieve over the loss of life in their families due to the violence that is allowed to happen in our cities because corrupt leaders have turned a deaf ear and been too weak to stand for Justice and to undermine our way of law and order.  Lord as more become aware of the change needed raise up the righteous ones to run for office to make the bold and honest changes we need and pray for. Bless those who make the sacrifice to bring Justice to the land and to right that which is wrong.  Thank You Lord for the spirit of David being brought upon our leaders to fight for Justice and rule with fairness and truth.

Lord, thank You for all that is happening now!  We bless Your Holy Name!  We sing a song of Praise and thanksgiving for You are truly bringing heaven to earth in us and through us. Amen!

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