Jun 16, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Your Commands are our way of life, without what You have told us to live by surely can make us live in harmony with You and one an other.   Your Son, Jesus fulfilled all the law and showed us the way in which we are to walk like Him!  Father, Jesus taught us to walk in a loving way and to see one another in love, a love that You have for each of us!  A love that cherishes each of us.  We are Your treasures here on earth and the Blood of Your Son bought us at a great price, so we truly are valuable and worthy in Your Sight, that each of us may cherish those You have placed in our life to care for and watch over our spouses, our children, our parents, our friend, our neighbors and even our enemies those who hate us.  Lord it sounds funny to the world but in the Spirit it is true and so may we become more in touch with our spirit so we will be the Image and likeness of Your Son, now and for all eternity!

Father, Your Son when he was tested by the religious leaders of His day which of the commandments were important He said: Love God with all our heart, mind and strength and our neighbor as our self!  He said every Command You have given us is a means to live in harmony with You and one another.  Lord in this hour of our time of unrest and rebellion here in America and other parts of the earth we need to be aware we are here to be truthful and honest in all of dealings with one another.  Lord we need to check ourselves and realize we are not to bear false witness against anyone one especially if a person is to be judged for wrong doing.  Lord, you are repulsed by those who would bear false witness against another.  Lord, in our nation we need to have sweeping reforms in all manner of our court system and areas where judgments are rendered.  Lord for too long we have allowed defamation of character. False accusations, perjury and just plain lying be allowed to dominate our culture and our attitude toward others.  Lord, You are just and merciful to the sinner who repents, we too are to live by Your Commands.. Lord forgive as repent for listening to the lies and deceits, the slanders and mockery of the righteous and those who are innocent.  Lord, we seek Justice to prevail in our land, that even we Christians will stop being critical and analytical about ourselves, one another and especially those You have chosen to anoint for our day.  Lord we need an awakening to discern the lie from the truth, the fact from the false hood.  Lord Your Command is true we are to respect and honor others without false accusations and bearing any form of false witness.  Yes, Lord that we may live according to Your Law for us!

Father, we are here to intercede for the innocent and all those who have been falsely accused or been tricked into saying that which is a lie.  Lord, that our lawyers and all those who are here to defend the truth truly be defenders of the Truth. That we will see sweeping changes in our court system, that all the judges who have taken the bribe or been involved in questionable decision making be exposed and impeached.  That our Justice system will reveal those who are not honorable and fair in their proceedings be impeached and that we Your people will stand firm in our prayers, our voices and our actions  in bringing change back to the way America has been founded to be a land where we are innocent until proven guilty, that we are to have fair trials with proper counsel and decisions by those who are free of the bribe or any other special interest to influence their decisions.  Lord, we are to be a land of law and order and we aere grateful that we have a President and those who are honest in their working with him to make America what it is destined to be a land of the free and the home of the brave, honest and truthful people of one nation in harmony with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

Father, in this hour we intercede for those in law enforcement both men and women be covered with a shield of Faith protected from those who are rebellious and want anarchy over law and order.  That our cities be wiped clean of all that is unfair and in just, but that its people are able to discern the  lie, the deceit from the fact and the truth.  Lord that You would raise up righteous leaders willing to stand firm for law and order over chaos.  That we will see honor and respect on our streets so that even the poor and weak are protected and safe from those who hearts are filled with evil and hate.  Lord, we seek to be a people in Harmony with You and one another!  We pray all of this in Name and authrotiy of Jesus the Christ and it is so and is fulfilled now and forever. Amen!

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