Jan 17, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Shine Your Face on us! We are here to offer our hearts to you so that we may be one with You as You have planned for us!  We are so grateful for You have sent us to fight in a battle rigged for us to win, because Your Son, Yeshua has already destroyed the works of the devil and we are here to do as He did and even more besides because we have the Holy Spirit anointing on us to walk as He walked  to heal the sick, to bring forth justice, release captives, open the eyes of those who do not see, comfort the sorrowing and the downtrodden, to walk in the Light as He is the Light!  O Lord this is that hour of the Golden Vision of Reformation of the earth and all its inhabitants!  Now is the time of our Visitation and as we prepare for Your habitation with us!  Lord You fill us with Hope for a bright future and a fulfillment of Your Promises to us!  Thank You Father for all that will unfold before us now: miracles small and great and a life in You for there is now other God but You and there is no other Power than Yours!  We are Your children ready to do Your Will and use us to spread and defend Your Kingdom here in America and around the world especially in nations who seek You the Living and True God like our brothers and sisters in England, France, Australia, New Zealand and other nations fighting to bring Justice and Truth to rule the earth!

Father, we intercede for our Youth, especially thos who are lost and not fully aware of the battle to take control of their future destiny!  Lord forgive us for not being more aware of sending our children into dens of indoctrination instead of education based on on Your Way shown to us in the Sacred Scriptures.  We repent of placing our children in schools and education facilities that teach lies and isms that destroy instead of build up and teach them to know right from wrong and life from death!

Lord bring among us as parents to take back what we have foolishly neglected and just done nothing to stand for the Kingdom in our life.  Lord raise up a new breed of teachers and educators, mentors who will enhance our children to be followers of Jesus the Christ and live lives that our willing to give instead of take, to be self-less instead of selfish! Lord we are here to make our children strong in the Faith so that they too will be fitting warriors to battle the culture and all the worldly influences that lead to destruction and that they like us choos Life! The abundant life Your Son has given us!

Father we declare that there are 3 Noes: No fear! No strife! No distractions!  We are here Lord to have a clear vision to follow You and to fulfill the destiny that You have written in our book to fulfill! We know You have bought us at a great price the Blood of Your Son!  Because of Him we have great worth in Your Eyes!  For greater is He that is in us and than the that is in the world!  Lord that we will see ourselves and one another as You see us!  Holy, pure and set apart in Your Kingdom now and into all eternity.  Lord our work is here and now not to worry about the future of when the end is to come!  Lord, we are warriors now what we say and do now is what matters to You!  We are Your Family Lord  so we are here to listen and obey Your Commands.  Thank You for this great privilege!

Father, that we will see the Hammer of Justice to fall on the unrighteous and those who have been betrayers and deceivers in iniquity!  Those who have stolen and cheated and used wealth to make Your people captives instead of walking in freedom to fulfill what You have destined America to be. We will not rest until we see those who have been falsely accused and prosecuted to be set free and

their reputation restored!  Lord that the enemy will make recompense 7 fold!  Your Justice to rule and reign over us now!  We are so grateful for President Trump and all those who are doing all they can to set captives free and restore law and order.   We seek their continued protection and safety in all that they do and are a part of!  Protect all those who are witnesses who are to testify in prosecuting those who have done evil and are willing to do all they can for Justice sake and to restore all that has been lost or stolen.  Lord remember Your faithful ones in this hour and give them boldness of spirit to stand to speak the truth in all seasons and not to fret if they offend anyone or hurt their feelings.  For Your Faithful one walk by the Spirit and not by worldly feelings!  We are Yours and so we walk in the Mind of Christ Jesus!  Amen and Alleluia!

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