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Heavenly Father,

Our confidence is in You!  We trust You with all that we have and all that we are because You love us with an undying love and it is everlasting!  You see great value in us unworthy as we are.  Yeshua has opened a door for us to come in and be with You as our Father, ABBA as Yeshua taught us!

So, Father we ask You to cover us under the shadow of Your Wings.  Keep us united in our prayer and our voice!  Block the enemy’s radar and vision to what You are doing in us and what You want us to do in this battle against the enemy and all of his forces in their attempt to destroy Your Kingdom here on earth, especially in our nation, America!  Lord, from the beginning this land has been dedicated to You.  We are re-dedicating it to You!  We repent of any sin that has been committed against this dedication, especially from leaders we have foolishly and deceptively voted into office of our government.  Lord now through our repentance we thank You that You have started restoration through President Trump and all those who are at his side to fulfill the favor You have granted us in our day!

No matter how dark it seems or feels at times.  No matter how much strength  the enemy seems to have, we have a Hope that all is never lost,  but that all is on the turn around, all is to be fulfilled in the destiny You have for us, for we are victorious in Christ Jesus/Yeshua Hamashiah!

Lord, we are here as Your Army of Warriors to declare and proclaim FREEDOM!  Freedom is our heritage! Freedom first from sin through Yeshua and His act of Atonement through the shedding of His Blood.  Freedom from tyranny of the masters of iniquity both here in our land of America and abroad!  We like Your People of Israel from of old whom You freed from the wrath of evil leaders and those You have blessed with a land to be governed by men and women who are Righteous from their dedication to You and are anointed to hold office just as Joseph did in Egypt, Moses freed them and then there all the others who walked in Faith/Trust in You, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and He who is Your Son, Yeshua, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Thank You for the great honor to be a part of Your Army to spread Your Kingdom here and through out the world!

Lord, we declare through a repentant heart a re-establishment, a re-dedication that our pillars of government 1. judicial; 2. legislative; 3. Executive are in the process of renewal and returning what You have planned for us from the beginning!

Lord, again we repent of all the evil ways of rebellion in our land through the evils of alcoholism, drug addiction and abuse and all forms of sexual perversion and lusts of the flesh!  We turn to You in the Spirit and the Truth.  We know Lord that we are united with You in Spirit as we then live in the gifts and fruits of the Spirit!  For this we are so grateful and thankful!

Now, Lord, hear the cry of my brothers and sisters who are joined here in unity to cry Freedom! And to battle for Freedom to reign in  our land!  The true freedom You have anointed President Trump and others to return to. Now listen to their heartfelt intercession and prayers in Jesus/Yesuha’s name! Amen!


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