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Heavenly Father,

First of all we ask for Your Loving protection for all Your Warriors who are united in spirit at this time.  Lord, keep us off the enemy’s radar! Keep us aware through the Holy Spirit of all the plots and tactics of the enemy.  Keep us mindful of keeping our attention on You, Lord! And to set aside any of the world’s allurements.  Keep the air waves of our call from any interference from any source the enemy throws at us.  Keep those who are planning to interrupt us off the line and confused in their minds in the blindness and darkness they live in! Release Your Heavenly Host to defend us in the battles we face.  May the Humans of this world and all those who promote hatred and discord be stopped now and keep us safe during such a time as this!

Lord, through our Walk of Faith in You we bring a ray of Sunshine and a Hope that we will be successful in our battle to spread Your Kingdom across this land and the land of many nations.  That Your Good News will be spread and pervade our lives!

Lord, with great expectation we await the fulfillment of the changes You are bringing to America.  We are being brought back into alignment of what we were established to be in the beginning

to be a shining Light in a dark and lonely world! Father, through Your Son, Yeshua we have been given a Hope that is eternal and a Light which cannot be extinguished or darkened.  As we walk by Faith, we know we have victory over all things because of Yeshua.  We know we are here to live and abundant Life because of Your Great Love for us!

Father, we have great Hope to continue to see more of what You have anointed President Trump and those who stand with him shoulder to shoulder to bring about making America to fulfill its calling! Lord, we have a Hope that we will see courageous men and women who will be elected to continue to bring change that we have been praying for and are praying for now!  Thank You, Father, for bringing our Hope/Expectations into fulfillment in our day!

Lord, because of You and Your Word given to us through the Scriptures we will see our Hope fulfilled, because You are not a man that You should lie or deceive us, for You are Faithful and True to Your Word to bring to pass all of Your Promises!

Lord, through the authority given to us through Yeshua we bind the darkness that puts despair and doubt about our future into the minds of the Youth and all of us who are living in our day.  We declare and proclaim that we are Your children of Light and we are united in the Spirit to accomplish what You have placed in our hearts.  As the Jewish people celebrated Purim so we celebrate what we have now Salvation through Yeshua.   Thank You for placing us here to take our proper place in Your Plan for us and for all of America.  We are Your Warriors and so we give You Glory, Honor, Praise and Thanksgiving in Yeshua’s name! Amen.

Lord as we continue our prayers let us shin Hope into the hearts of our Youth and all of our nation and its people!  Thank You, Father, for Your Gift of the Holy Spirit Who brings to us Your Plan for us to fulfill and deliver in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

Now hear my brothers and sister as they add their prayers and intercession into Your Hands!

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