May 21, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

With humble, contrite hearts we come before Your Throne to seek Your Will in all we are to do today!  We are armored up for battle and present to follow Your Orders and Commands.  If You call for special assignments we are here and shout: Send us!  As we gather here before You keep us off the enemy’s radar and allow no interference in this call from any attack of the enemy whether it be in technology or physical actions.  May they be stopped and aborted in his own camp.  May all anxiety, confusion, chaos and self-destructive actions remain in his camp so that we may be calmed by Your Loving Presence.

Father, today we want to be especially attentive to the words we speak for we know You have given us creative power by the words we speak.  What we say does come to pass whether it be negatively or positively.  We see it all around us how words hurt or heal, discourage or encourage, crush or uplift and bring forth fruit of goodness or evil into our lives … It is not always the devil who does it but it is our own choice and words we speak!  So, Lord we place special effort on repentance for our speech that we are responsible for, and take an accounting by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit who reveals all truth!

First of all, Lord, we repent of any words we uttered against ourselves, our lives. The expressions of anger, hate and resentment for things that we have endured from any circumstance we have found ourselves in.  Forgive us for cursing even the gift of life you gave us on the day we were born.  Today we proclaim we are so grateful for the life You gave us, and to be born for such a time as this, and that You have created us to be who we are no matter what our limits, weaknesses, our talents or lack of talents.  Thank you for making us who we are at this moment and for all that we have endured to be who we are today: Loved by You and accepted by our Faith in Your Son, Yeshuah!

Father, we repent of any ill words we have spoken of our parents, our loved ones, our wives, our husbands, our children, our sons and daughters, our friends, our neighbors.  Lord instead of cursing them from our lips we raise them up to You and seek blessings on them all.  We proclaim thanksgiving for them all no matter what we endured from them or with them. They are still Your children so with our words we give them the honor and respect they deserve.  Give them the opportunity to know You and Your love for them by the words I speak, and others who bring words of encouragement and salvation into their lives!

Father, we repent for any words of cursing our land and our nation that we have spoken during time of tension and strife in our America.  We proclaim with our words that this is Your land. That it truly is a land blessed by You and so we gladly embrace it and are proud to use our voice to say we are Americans, and we honor and respect the great gift You have given us in allowing us to be here!  Lord, make others aware that his is a sacred land dedicated to you from our beginnings and we are here to increase and multiply and steward our gifts as treasures from Your Hand!

Father, we repent of listening to words of cursing and and hatred toward what we have been given in America.  To stop listening to those who would want to change our America into something it is not and was not in Your plans for us.  Lord, we proclaim America is a land where we freely worship You, the true God and live according to Your Commands to love one another as Your Son, Yeshuah has shown us!

Father, we stand in the gap to repent for all the words that are spoken by the deceivers, liars, betrayers and selfish ones who promote all the isms that destroy, kill and steal what is rightfully ours as we have been established through our Constitution and Bill of Rights based on Your Scriptures!  Lord, we are grateful now that there are more and more righteous men and women who are proclaiming true freedom and Justice to be in our land again!   Silence those words that are destructive spoken to us through the media and rise up now more who will take over and proclaim Yeshuah is Lord and our land is a land of freedom and justice for all from the White House to our house!

Father with our words in the Name of Yeshuah we speak words of healing over our brothers and sisters in need of relief from any physical ailment.  We bring before You our own family members and friends like Coach Dave Daubenmire and others who are on the front lines in the battle to make America Great as You have planned!  Thank You, Father for raising them up and restoring us to health and wellness!

Father, may the words you hear from all of us gathered here be fulfilled in Yeshuah’s Name and sealed by the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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