Apr 18, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Open our mouths to proclaim Your Praise! As Your children put us under the protection of the Shadow of Your Wings so that we are off the enemy’s radar and protected from any interference or conditions of negativity from his camp.  Place Warrior angels at our side to deliver us in this day of battle.  Let Your Light shine on our path as we battle to take back all that was lost or stolen by the enemy and to move into new territory to expand Your Kingdom here in our nation and around the world.  Thank You, Father for letting Your sacred Plan unfold for us each day!

Father, today make us so aware of the words that we speak before our spouses, children, friends, neighbors and anyone You place in our path today.  Lord may we speak only words of encouragement and compassion into the hearts of those You have given us to care and protect.

Father, we repent of the times that our mouths have been used to complain, moan and groan under the wight of the cross we carry.  Deliver us from all the negative thoughts and words that have thrown at us from those who have treated us through abusive  words, words of hate and shown us a lack of care, honor or respect.  May words of forgiveness rule our hearts!

Father, use our mouths to proclaim You with praise, honor, glory and thanksgiving.  Thank You for all the good things You have brought into our lives through Your Son, Yeshua.  So often , Lord, we have foolishly used words of cursing instead of blessing and ridicule instead of insight or lack instead of contentment for what we have.  Lord, show us what we are to say today at work, or play or any moment we are with others or even alone to bring blessings into this life!

Lord, help us to ignore the words spoken by those who lie with an evil intent to destroy America and our form of government based on Your Scriptures. Forgive us, Lord for the times we have allowed the negative words of others to distort our thinking and given our selves over to discouragement and even to feel like giving up!  Lord, deliver us from the lies of politicians and leaders who have betrayed us!  Lord, You know the burdens we have been under and the pleas we have raised to You and Like the days when you delivered Israel from the bondage of Egypt we too now are in our days of deliverance and cleansing of our nation! So now our mouths proclaim You Praise!

Father many words have been spoken against Your anointed President Trump and his family, even by some who say that they are under Your Banner! But we Lord speak words of protection for them and all who align themselves with him.  May those words that have been spoken against Your anointed fall like burning coals on the heads that have spoken them and may they realize and face the words of cursing they have spoken so that they may repent or truly face the judgment that those evil words express be in their own lives!

Father we are in a time when so many words are spoken which more confuses the truth in what to be believed so that we ask that Your Holy Spirit give us discernment to know the liars from the truth speakers.  Lord, we seek to hear Your Voice more clearly in these confusing moments which the news media and all those who use the internet use to sway us this way and that away from Your Plan as it unfolds before us.  Lord, we trust that the Holy Spirit will give us the words to speak when we are called to defend the Truth as we come before those who judge and condemn us based on false assumptions against our Faith in You! Lord change our nation’s thinking so that we will be more united in Prayer, Voice and Vote for Truth, Justice and Freedom!  Give us boldness of speech to always speak the Truth and reveal Your heart  so that others will see and believe the wondrous deeds You do for us in this nation and its people during this time we are here!

Father give us the courage and boldness of Faith without fear to defend and speak the Truth to save the lives of others from the destruction now and into eternity.  Thank You Father for choosing us to be Warriors in Your Army under the authority and headship of Your Son, Yeshua our Commanding Officer!  We pray in Yeshua’s name. Amen!



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