Aug 29, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

You are so awesome to behold and yet we can draw close to You because of Your Son, Jesus the Christ has given us the great gift of Salvation and oh so much more.  When we repent and proclaim Jesus as Lord we can call You, ABBA/Daddy.  There is no god like our God!  Those who don’t know You we intercede for them that they will experience Your Love.  What You have freely given to us we are here to share with them and are willing like Jesus to lay down our lives so that others will come to see and experience Him!  Lord God thank You for making us one with You now and for all eternity!

Father, as a nation we have a covenant with You!   We are so grateful that our founding fathers mothers were covenant keepers, from the time of the Mayflower Compact 400 years ago now but through our history the Sacred Scriptures and life of biblical morality kept this nation alive. Father we are even grateful that even in the dark moment so doubt as to whether we will succeed or survive Faith in You was our rock.   Even when General Washington was praying You had a plan and gave him a vision that inspires us to battle on to keep this nation alive and in harmony with You!  We are here Lord as Your covenant keeping people to re-dedicate and renew this sacred covenant.  Like Israel which is sacred to You so too our nation is sacred and You have plans for us to be a nation to continue to spread the Gospel and to be a Beacon of Hope in dark and defeated world!  O Lord, there is so much to be grateful for and we are here to pass it on to our children and their children and to other generations according to Your Holy Will!

Father, in this land we have a battle raging by those who are rebellious and lawless.  Lord  our call is to be one in You and to live by founding documents of our land.  Bless President Trump and all who work with him to bring this chaos under control!  In this warfare we are engaged in we in the Name of Jesus bind all of the demonic forces on our land and in our government and in people who are here who have hate in their hearts that Justice will prevail and that these spirits are broken off of us and our nation.  That Your Light pierce the darkness and return us to law and order.  Lord we bind the spirits that use BLM, AntiFa an other destructive forms that want to kill steal and destroy us be scattered and shattered from the land.. That anyone who has joined these ranks be made aware of the evil that they are a part of and that either they repent or suffer the consequences of their choices!  Lord raise up righteous men and women who lead us and bring into subjection this lawlessness now in Jesus Mighty Name!

Father, even in the midst of YOUR People we have some 2700 shepherds who are nothing more than deceiving and twisting the Gospel to bring about destruction of our nation.  Wolves in sheep clothing that need to be exposed, removed and suffer the consequences of their choices.  Lord, for too long they have held Your People captive and bound them to be sitting in pews in fear, when Your calling on each of us is stand in Faith bow the knee only at the Cross and to speak the Word in season and out of season.  That every moment of our lives is for Your great Honor and Glory!  Lord, we do see the miracles that are taking place among us as we repent and pray to bring down the strongholds and strong ones who bring chaos and hate!  Lord fill the enemy camp with chaos , doubt and lack so that they feel all that they have caused others to suffer.  Lord we are not here to seek revenge, but to seek Justice.  The Justice as it is in heaven, here on earth!

Father, one more thing that we will stop all the bickering, complaining and words of strife that enter our ranks.   That we are here to be in unity to reconcile with one another and to let one another be free in love!  Lord, that our religious leaders would stop speaking about President Trumps weakness or flaws in his character.  Lord, he is a man You have anointed, not perfect but he is the right man for the job, so may those who mock the anointing have their teeth and grind and smashed upon the rocks that they throw at him.   Lord we are here to place a protective shield around him his wife, Melania, his children and all of his family and those who are in his ranks.   That the abuse they get may turn back to those who cast it and they will be rewarded for all they endure.  O Lord, thank You for what You are doing in our Nation now and into the future so that what is in heaven will be here on earth! Amen!

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