Mar 23, 2021 | Prayers

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THE CANCELLATIONS FROM YOUTUBE: It is our red badge of courage for the battle we fight  show we must be over the target area and we are releasing the Big MOAB! Be not afraid the Holy Spirit has our back! Look how He inspired us to get the .tv program up and running! So this is a sign of a call to action!  See we have to be constantly on our best awareness of what the enemy is doing but also have a listening heart to follow the nudges and guidance of the Holy Spirit! The problem is once we win a battle we thing we can just rest Yes rest but like the army of Gideon when drinking water: it was the ones who brought the water to their mouths that were chosen!


Heavenly Father,

we stand firmly as Your Army wearing the Red Badge of Courage: the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah!  Because of Him we are able to boldly stand in Your Presence and know that we are protected by Your Heavenly Host from all attacks of the enemy.  We are here for marching orders today to walk in Faith to bring down the strongman and and his strongholds!  We are here Father to rescue America from the snatches of the enemy.  For too long when we have been sitting in the comfort of our pews in the walls of the church, but we are here now to get off our behind and run to the front line as Your prophet has told us.  Once we call Jesus as Lord of our lives we become soldiers in Your Army and so we are Your obedient servants.  No longer slaves to sing and world, but now  fully Yours, Father.  Even in our weakness and fears You make us strong for Your are our Salvation and Your Plans are for our benefit and we are re-assured by Your Word that no weapon formed against us will prosper and that You will never leave us nor forsake us!

Father, we stand free before You for the same miracle You gave Your people, Israel when they were freed from slavery in Egypt so now in our day You are freeing us from a regime of shame  and lies, cheating and deception.  We shout out in the authority of Jesus as the prophets of our day have inspired us: We want president Trump back in office, for it was stolen from him.  It matters not what a lying media and other voices say the truth is the truth!  Your, Lord have not anointed these jackals that rule over us so now with Your Might and Power sweep them away and bring back the plan that You have started!  We stand on the prophetic word given to the prophets of our day it is

time for restoration!  It is time for Justice to prevail.  Enough we want what You have promised and so we know You will bring it to pass! So Father use us and anyone who is willing to do even the smallest thing to bring this to happen now in our day! 

Father, we are here to speak the truth and to expose the lies of the enemy and so we seek even more ways to inspire others and to awaken the sleeping and those who feel too weak to speak! Lord, we are here not to listen to all the false media and voices of deception and lies.  We speak in the authority of Jesus bring down these agencies of hate and evil intent and who seek to control us by making us slaves o systems that are perverse and wicked.  Yes, Lord even in our assemblies and churches where money and perversion reigns.  Let the Hammer of Justice fall on these wolves in sheep clothing!  These brood of vipers and snakes are crushed now under our fee as we walk in the robe of righteousness from Your Son. We seek to raise up among Your people those who are gifted with talents to bring forth media and platforms to be used to freely express the truth !  We place a special wall of protection over those who have continued to keep us aware of the truth!  Release special blessings on all those who have remained faithful even when persecuted and being stripped of their good name and property.  Now this day we speak prophetically over them that they are restored and the enemy will give them back in reparation 7 fold! We believe Your Word and it is always true You love and watch over us as our own special ABBA?DADDY!

We declare that the Blood of Jesus is now healing those who have been abused  through sex trafficking and other forms of slavery.  Thank You, Lord for inspiring and giving strength to those who have risked their very lives to rescue these men, women and especially the children from this abomination of slavery!   Lord, continue to expose this iniquity and especialy those who have hidden it from us and those who have even profited from it.  In Jesus we take the word of faith slash off the head of this serpent and by His Blood wash away all stains on the innocent and especially the infants and those in the comfort of the mother’s womb.  May that love of a mother cherishing her child in the womb be our sign of love amongst us as You have created us to be from the time You formed each of us in our mother’s womb.  O Father, how sacred life is! We thank You for making us to be here in this hour! For we will see Your miracles even unfold now and forever! Amen

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