Apr 16, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Touch us with a deepening awareness of Your Heart! Like Moses, Father we want to draw close to You and to know Your Heart!  We are here Father to respond to the Love You have for us.  Love is only complete when love receives a response of love!  Here we are Father, in imitation of Your Son to be one with You and to be in intimate contact with You a time of heart to heart conversation.  Lord, like Moses of old reveal Your heart to us so that we may see as You see and feel as You feel.  We are so aware that Your Son showed us how much You love us when He said: Father forgive them for they know not what the do.  Father because of Your Son’s Blood we are washed clean and are now being formed into His Body so that the world will know that living by Your Perfect Will is what will bring Peace on earth!  Father, we are here as obedient children to live under Your Justice and follow Your Commands for what we feel is impossible for us is surely possible with You!

Father, during this time in which we find ourselves in what is called lock down we seek it as a time to truly evaluate what matters to us: our time with You and our time with our families and those whom we treasure and cherish as sacred gifts of Love from You!  Lord, that husbands and wives will truly love one another and be what You have created them to be united to be the Image of You in the world.  That men and women may see one another as help meets as You made them.  That they will assist one another to meet You and know You as the loving Father You are!  That during these days that parents will truly teach their children Your Ways and be living examples of the way in which they are to live and be!  Father, bless all families and repair the breach and wounds that may still hamper their closeness.  During these days Manifest Your Presence so strong that all will give You glory honor and praise!

Father, during these days of remembrance of the Resurrection and all that You Son has done for us may Your Hebrew children come to know Your Son, Jesus/Yeshuah as the Messiah and Lord that is the longing in their hearts.  May Israel continue to be blessed by our President and our nation so that we will see in our day the Peace of Jerusalem come to pass and be truly prepared for the return of our Lord Jesus the Christ as is Promised in Your Word.  That we may be like the bride prepared to have the Bridegroom come take us to His Home!  Lord, during this time we are here keeping our lamps filled with oil and doing what You called us to do to spread Your Kingdom by sharing the Good News with the lost and abandoned, healing the sick, caring for the poor, the widow and the orphan.  Lord it is not a time of doom and gloom but a time of Hope!  A time to see the Great plans You have for us that we will dwell with You now and for all eternity.  Lord it is truly a Beautiful time to be alive a time when You are manifesting Your Glory, Power and Might like never before this is the Golden Age of New Wine being poured into us to live abundantly and our enemies at our feet just as I the days of Noah we are saved for the New Creation we are to live now!  O Lord such Great Hope we have because of the Love of Your Son poured out for us each of us, no one is left behind for You call out to each of us and all we have to do is respond in love to answer Your Love.  We are washed clean by thew blood of Yeshuah/Jesus!  O Glorious God thank You!

Father, let the Holy Spirit pour forth His Wisdom on President Trump to lead our nation as You have placed in his heart to fulfill.  Holy Spirit give each of us the discernment we need to speak the truth and be bold in proclaiming that Jesus is Lord!  Holy Spirit guide us into the revelation of all truth that we will see the wicked face the justice they deserve if they will not repent.  Bring Your Convicting Power into our land so that the laws of the land will be in accord with the Law that our Father gave to us and has been fulfilled by Yeshua/Jesus!  Our great Hope is that Justice will rule our land and we will follow our Father’s Perfect Will for us now and forever! Amen!

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