Mar 4, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We hear Your Heart calling out to us in this day and we say we are here to do Your Will use us as instruments of Your Love and may all we do today be for Your Glory and Praise.  Continue to mold us into the image of your Son, Jesus the Christ.  Make all of us gathered here be one with You as Your Son has prayed for us to be!  Father enter our hearts as Your Sanctuary to dwell and draw close to You!

You are an awesome God and yet You love us and want us close and intimate with You!  Our only fear is that we do not want to break Your heart by any selfishness on our part.  Keep us protected from any of the enemy’s plots, distractions or fiery darts that might come between us.  Let Your holy Angels be our guards to over power and over throw the enemy!   We are Yours, Father and that is all we need and want!

Father, we are here to cleanse our minds of any distractions of fear or thoughts that are not in accord with the mind of Christ Jesus!  Lord there are so many thoughts that bombard us to loose sight of You and wonder from Your Heart.  Your Son has made us a new creation in Your Kingdom so we do not belong to the world we belong to You!  We are here to continually dwell on Your Word that is the only thoughts we need and want. As the word says what we think we are so now we think only of You and look to that which is uplifting and true so that we might discern Your Will for us in all things.  Sometimes Lord thoughts come near us but unless they are from Your Word we will not dwell on them and look to that which makes us pure and holy in Your sight for we are here to be Holy as You are Holy! That is your Will for us and we will it too! So we are in harmony with You now and forever!

Father on this day many Americans are voting may they use this right to support what You have established and begun in our land!  That the turn out find that many are turning to You and do not cast a ballot for that which is destructive but truly turn around and shake loose from the demonic and turn to the dynamic that will bring through Your Plans for us.  No socialism, no communism, no progressivism only righteousness will rule the land and the awakening of America is on a roll that will shock those who think they are right to find that they have fallen by the wayside. Lord let the Holy Spirit have His way today that will shock this nation.  Justice shall reign here!

Father, we seek a cleansing of our homes our communities that we find a unity in spirit that has not ever happened before.  That this is the new Age of a Golden Enlightenment for truth and justice.  That more and more of us will seek out the Kingdom of God first and that all else will come to us as You have planned!   That the votes that are cast will show a real turn around in the thinking of those who want a part y of death will now turn to want Life and life more abundantly.  Lord have Your way on this day of voting just as You have done in Israel!  E are a Kingdom Nation and we proclaim Israel is forever!

Father, we intercede that Your people become more generous in sharing their blessings with the poor, the disabled, the lost, the addicted, the homeless, the widow and the orphan and all those who have suffered terrible abuse.  Lord we rend er our hearts that we may have rightful compassion to help the downtrodden not out of guilt but out a loving heart to share the Love  you have shown us.  That we will give that cup of water to those thirsting to know the truth.  That we will speak words of healing and encouragement to those around us and in our midst who need a special touch fro You! Lord that we will love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  No matter how small the offering or big You know our hearts so we gladly give to build up Your Sanctuary among us so that nations will say You dwell among us see how they love one another.  Lord all for your Glory.

One more item Lord, that we will again see the sacredness of the sanctuary of a woman’s womb!  That we will cherish life or death!  That women all women will be held in high esteem as the helpmate You created them to be.  That respect and honor will again be in our families, communities and in our life around us.  That parents will raise their children to know that each boy and girl is a precious gift from You and they belong to You and we are to raise them up to call You, ABBA/Daddy! Lord we are here to build Your Sanctuary so that You will dwell with us now and forever! Amen!

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