Mar 11, 2021 | Prayers

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Heavenly Father,

As we come before You this day we stand in the Light of Your Son, so we are the children of Light because we have washed clean by the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus! So know by His authority in Your Presence we declare: all plots, plans and schemes of the enemy mut leave our life here in America (any nation). We prophecy that no demonic entity is allowed to hang around our nation, our home, our property,or our family! We speak every evil spirit must leave our mind and our body! We say that all demonic activity must be halted.  Every witchcraft curse,spell and hex is boken by the Power of God in the Name of Jesus. We draw a blood line of the Blood of Jesus around us and all that concerns us and we say the work of evil cannot cross that line!  We prophecy that where the enemy has come through as a flood, the Lord puts him to flight!  We say that we rise up and resist all of the works of the devil’s activity causing him to flee! We say to the power of darkness, Leave in Jesus’ Name and never return!

Father, we will not abandon our firm stand that President Trump is Your anointed one for the office and no other is and no matter what the discouraged and traitorous say our only true elected one is President Trump! Lord, you have promised that what the enemy has stolen will be returned seven fold. We stand firm on that Promise for You always keep what You say as You have spoken through Your prophets in our day!ther this not about politics alone this is about what is right and what is wrong!  You are a Just God and now we cry out for that Justice to sweep across this nation and let restoration begin now  and we know that there are signs on the earth You are working behind the scenes and we will soon rejoice and be glad and marvel at Your amazing ways to restore all that was stolen and we live as nation who proclaims You as Lord!

Father we believe the thief will be caught in the wheels of Justice and be crushed and  be put to shame!  We know that this has been according to Your timing for You always give the sinner the opportunity to repent before You finish burning up with Your Holy Fire the works of the enemy totally! So now Lord set everything straight in this time as we prepare to remember that You set Your people free from oppression in the past and now because of what Your Son has done for us we are free and we are free indeed!

Father in Your presence we decree and declare that this whole pandemic and all of this vaccination debacle end now!  Keep us in Your Divine Health and let the Holy Spirit guide us so that we will become aware of our personal responsibility to care for this sacred temple you have given us.  Lord thank You for all of those doctors and people of health that are showing us there is a true alternative to the witchcraft involved in this vaccination. Lord, we cry out that we are healed by the Blood of Jesus and that we are able to walk without masking and all other foolish restrictions that are really useless and actually debilitating!  Lord that You for the covering of the Holy Spirit to keep us wise as serpents and gentile as doves, yet as the Word says the Kingdom wins for the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  We are the people of Your Kingdom will to fight for the freedom You bring!

Father we decree and declare our land is governed by our Constitution and the righteous will stand up to defend and return us to law and proper order in this hour!  That true Justice will reign in our courts and the judges will fall off the bench if they are ruled by the bribe or blackmail. Father we declare that our Justice and Court system is cleansed now and we will see Justice as You rule in heaven here on earth now in our day! We will see the wonder of Your Justice and give You all the glory and honor!

Thank Your Father for the gift of Your Son who justifies us and the gift of the Holy Spirit who is our advocate in this day! Now and forever! Amen! 

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