Feb 23, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here as Your Army of Prayer Warriors to be used to attack the enemy forces in all their forms and plots.  Keep us shielded from their arrows and swords of injustice, scandal, gossip. Lies, deceitful whispers against us.  Keep us under Your covering so that the enemy has no idea of our strength or our size of those for You!  Let chaos, rebellion and all confusion, disagreements and hate stay in their own camp.  Let them strike one another so that they are not aware of Your Army around them to keep them trapped for the defeat You have planned for them.  Let the Hammer of Justice hit so hard and direct on this day of Battle that it will resound in a sound of Victory and shout of Glory for Your Name through out the earth!  Lord we raise our voices in a Song of Freedom that You place in Your Army and we rig out the Bell of Freedom through Your Justice for as it is in heaven so  it is here on earth!

Father continue to give President Trump wisdom in all of his decisions when it comes to appointments for those who are to work with him in our government.  That he will continue to right the injustices found in our court system especially in release of those imprisoned under false testimony and the wicked plots of the enemy to silence those who stand in righteousness or innocence from that of which they are accused.  Lord, we are so thankful that President Trump is not afraid of the attacks of the enemy and there are many, that he is willing to stand the attacks for he knows he wants to honor You, God and make America a land that You have planned from the beginning and will be a part of Your Harvest that You have started! Bless President Trump and his family for all that they endure.  Give them an abundance of love in their hearts for one another and for the plan that You have them to fulfill now and in the future.

Father, during this time, keep us strong in Your Grip so that we can continue to fulfill what You have planned for each of us to fulfill.  That the members of the Strike Force of prayer will boldly do that which we can do no matter how small the task to fulfill our part in making our nation a Kingdom nation and one that says Jesus the Christ is Lord and rules over us in spirit and truth.  That each of us will recognize that as we pray Your Presence becomes stronger in us and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit is in us and around us so we can walk in Faith without fear and speak the truth without worrying how another is going to feel because of conviction that comes from the Holy Spirit to show us the areas of sin we must repent of and to walk toward You and draw closer to the Love You have for us!

Father, that even though it is a time of civil unrest and a time of war in the spirit we are more than conquerors in Jesus the Christ.  We have chosen to be in Your Army and so we will be victorious against the enemy in the battles ahead of us.  We know that You turn things around sometimes so awesome and miraculous for all things work for good for those who Love You!  Lord what You have given us we want to be shared with those who are hungry to know the truth so that they will be set free and be a part of your Family for You do not want to see the all those You have created.  Lord that we will not be defeated because of those who use their free will to turn away and against us.   Lord we leave them in Your Hands ad trust You for You are filled with mercy and loving kindness and Your will be done here as it is in heaven even in the separation of the wheat from the chaff or the sheep from the goats.

Father, we are especially concerned for our Youth, the children You have gifted us with.  Lord we want change to come about for each of them.  Help us to realize we have the power within us to change eve the education system that has let us down.  That each family has the ability to home school their children if they so desire and that all parents who are willing to voice their opinion in the school system that You will be with them that the Holy Spirit will give them even the words they need to express and the boldness of Faith to make the truth to be known now!  Lord that we will recognize the future is in our hands when we walk by Faith with Hope in our hearts and live expressing love for one another and all You have place in our care!

Father, this day is the day You have planned from all eternity to manifest Your miraculous Power and the enemy in whatever form evil takes has been defeated and we are Victorious and we will see Your miracles today from the smallest to the greatest.  Praise You, Father! We rejoice and our glad for You are with us and no weapon formed against us will prosper!  Amen & Amen!

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