Dec 17, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

As Your Son, Yesuah taught us we love You with our whole heart and with our whole being and our mind and will! We are Yours Lord so our confidence is in You! Through Your prophets of this day You have declared what is to come to pass, so Lord we proclaim it no matter what the world around says: President Trump will continue as our President and any other statement is a lie and has no meaning for us! Lord, what You have started in motion through President Trump will not be stopped or overturned by liars and those who cheat to pull him down! In fact Lord what will happen in this time is that those that we have chosen/elected at this time shall arise in righteousness and bring to pass what we have voted for! Lord we are grateful for all those who are standing firm and with due diligence are bringing to pass what We the People have prayed for and have chosen. Yes, Lord America is back on track and those who have done all they can to destroy us and mock our Faith will be put to shame and will receive the punishment they deserve for the betrayal and treasonous acts. Lord, we stand firm in our believing, no matter what it looks like the Truth will prevail and Justice will have its way now and into our future!

Father, we are grateful that You are exposing all those who have used their influence even in our assemblies to stop us from receiving all that we have prayed for and brought into Your Court Room to be delivered from our enemies and all their plots and schemes to stop what You have said will happen. We await Your Glory to even shine brighter in this darkness around us as our enemies our gloating in what they think they have done to America. Lord, You do not reward the evil ones with blessings, but they receive what they bring on others chaos, confusion and hate among themselves. Lord we are convinced that righteousness will prevail in America and those You have given us to lead will arise and bring victory in this battle we are in now! There is no room for those who plot evil and bring division and slander into our midst. Release Your Holy Angels to strike down the strong man and and his strongholds in the land! With the authority of Jesus we say: the Holy Fire of God burn to dust and ashes all that is not of You and Your Holy Perfect Will for us!

Father, even in our assemblies we have pastors and leaders who have given themselves over to darkness. They have twisted Your Sacred Word to deceive us in believing that Trump is not Your anointed and even have given over to a dark world in regards to trafficking and other abusive acts that desecrate our assemblies and our times of worship. Lord, let the convicting power of the Holy Spirit pierce them with fire to bring down their kingdoms and raise up Your Kingdom now and may they face the Hammer of Justice!

Father, we seek Your Son’s Healing touch on all those who are suffering any type of sickness or chronic ill health. Bless especially those who are weak and infirm because of this evil China virus or any other form of illness that is concocted to bring illness into America and really around the world. Lord may all those who have planned this evil and cooperated with it find themselves facing Justice to make recompense for what they have done. Lord continue to raise up good men and women who will tend to the ill in our land use the plants, herbs and other natural means to bring healing and good health naturally as You gave us in the beginning of creation. Let You Holy Spirit continue to reveal all truth to to us so we will walk in Divine Health and Divine Favor!

Father we bring to You all of our needs and concerns at this time in the Mighty Name of Jesus! We know You hear us and so we give You all the Glory and Praise in Thanksgiving now and forever. Amen!

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