Apr 2, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Every day is a new beginning with You for Your Son shines on just and the unjust all the time but it is what we choose to do that makes the difference for us!  We are here to choose life and to choose light over darkness and to choose good over evil. We are here to have our hearts like Your heart!  We are to seek Your Will in all things and to obey Your every Command as we are Your Army ready to strike at the enemy and put him on the run for we strong because of You and we have a weapon that will turn back any foe at any time our prayer is a sword that pierces the darkness and destroys the plots and plans of the enemy.  We know we are protected by You and the enemy has no means to hear us as You have scrambled his frequency and jam his radar so that he hears only the chaos and cries of his camp in their defeat and confusion!   We are so grateful that You are our Father and You have us in the Palm of Your Hand!

Father, You have made us holy by washing us in the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah and with You we want no contamination from evil or sinful ways.  There is much to do in the days ahead Lord to cleanse America of all those who have lived and compromised with evil and all treasonous and destructive actions of many whom we have trusted and who have blinded us in believing lies and fake hopes.  Lord keep us from feeling sorry for these evil ones, they have chosen to do as they have done and now as the Hammer of Your Justice begins to fall on them we are to witness that evil will not prevail just as You did to Ananias and Sapphira who lied to Peter we will now see Justice return to America.  Those who have really placed us in bondage deserve to face the punishment for their crimes, whether it be by execution or the rest of their lives in prison.  Lord You are Just God and You have always warned us through prophets and others that You send us to change our ways, but if we will not choose to repent then we suffer the consequences.  So too on the grand scale that we will see open up now!  Mercy to those who seek Your Mercy, but Justice to those who refuse to repent!

Father, You continue to reveal all the evil that is around us and all that we have compromised to allow because we feel sorry for others and don’t want their feelings hurt.  We repent of the lack of boldness and fearlessness to stand and be true to You and Your Commands.  In this day You give us the opportunity to truly show what we stand for and to run into battle to defeat the enemy and drive him out of the land which You have designated as Your Kingdom.  America, Israel and any nation who makes You their God is one who receives Your Protection and Blessing.  We stand with Yeshuah our messiah and King of kings and we will place no other false god before us!  Drive out now any false worship or witchcraft or false religions that hinder us from being Your People!  Give us strength to stand firm in our commitment to You this day!

Father we seek continued protection for President Trump and all those righteous men and women who are willing to be our representatives in holding office  through out our America!  May they uphold our laws and constitution as is required and pledge their loyalty upon the Bible and no other book.  Lord, that America will be the Christian nation You have called us to be and that has been planted in our soil since the beginning.  Lord, we want our children to know our true history and our  traditions of Liberty, Justice and the pursuit of Happiness under the shadow of Your Wings! We decree and declare: America repents of its past sins and walks now in forgiveness into a future to spread the Kingdom from shore to shore and border to border.  Lord we are Your People so make us of one mind and heart to live in unity and brotherly love of one another!  We speak our prayers in the name of Yeshuah!  In unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!   This is the day of our new beginnings Amen!

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