Jul 24, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

With a humble contrite heart we come before You seeking an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us all to gather strength and renewed energy in our battle against the forces  in their attempts to stop the growth of the Kingdom here in our nation and to stop us from keeping the territory that we have won thanks to You Victorious Plan You have placed in us.  Lord we are here to continue to do our part in this war to rebuild America as land of the free and the home of the brave.  A land where we will freely call out that Jesus is Lord and we will not use political correct speech to say the truth but to speak plainly without worrying about what other think or feel, just like our President who expresses often what we want to say too.

Father, in this day there is much tension because of the transition we are making from almost loosing our nation to rebuilding it now on the foundation that You gave us in the beginning.  Now we want to expand that foundation to make the proclamation that Jesus is Lord all the clearer that we will not cower when the enemy rattles his saber but we will raise our Sword of Faith to strike at the root of the enemy’s foundation and process of bringing hate and death into our land.  Lord just as we bravely stand for the Right to Life for the unborn we want that same intense courage to stand against all of the isms that are plaguing us today.  Lord we have seen too long the indoctrination of our children by teachers who have no true morality and distorted view of our history and they pass it on to our children.  Lord, enough of this give all parents the courage and boldness to take back the education of our children.  Lord have parents really take the time to bring Christian Home schooling in their lives.  That the resources like Ed-Exit. Com  and others will truly be a tool to rescue our children and give them a biblical principled life.  Lord to rebuild America as a Christian nation is our struggle after too many years of breaking America down by lies and deceit of political leaders who do not know You as the true God and one day soon You will say to them when they face You, that You never knew them and their deeds are an abomination before You!  Lord that we Your Army of Prayer Warriors will always defend the Truth and give You the glory and honor and praise You rightfully deserve!

Father, by the authority given to us by Your Son Jesus we take up the Ax to cut off the funding and support of these riotous and hateful actions of antifa & black lives matter and all organizations that are rebellious and seek to destroy America.  That we will stop funding them through our buying any article that is sold to give them backing.  Lord let Your Holy Fire burn at the root all that has been used to keep us captive and make us slaves to a way of life that is abominable and blasphemes Your very Word of Life!  Lord use the Your Might and Power to bring down these politicians and money  controllers.  May they be made to make recompense and restitution for the destruction that they brought to the property of Your People and all those who have lost business and their ability to have wealth that You told us to have and use for Your Kingdom and the spreading of the Gospel to all who have never know the Love You have for them.  That they may truly experience Your everlasting love by responding from their heart to love You in return  That they may realize it is You who matter most!

Father in our interceding we place those who in our government are truly following the direction and agenda that You have given President Trump to bring to pass.  As Your prophets have spoken we are in a time of transition to fulfill the great calling You have for each of us and to participate in the Great Harvest You have begun and to offer our selves as living sacrifice to bring  those who are searching for the truth ad hungry to hear the truth that Jesus is the answer to all that we have need of.  That with Him we can do all things and if we trust You, God totally we will have the answers we seek.  Thank You Holy Spirit for making us aware and bringing convicting power upon us and those searching to be a part of the Kingdom to repent and take up the cross and follow You as You want us to!  We make our prayers known in the Name of Jesus! Amen and It is so!

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