Mar 9, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come into our Court with praise and thanksgiving for we are so honored to be called Your Family and that each of us is made worthy by the Love poured out on us through the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ! Keep us under the shadow of Your strong Arm that we are kept safe from all the firey darts of the enemy and any weapon formed against us will not prosper.  That we are Yours and we love You with all our strength as our hearts are united with Yours.  We are here to do Your Will!  Let Your Holy Spirit speak through us as we raise our prayers to You this day!

Father, Your Grace is the power within us to change.  That through Your Grace our weakness becomes our strength! Lord, continue to show us by the power of grace our very attitude toward ourselves and the world around us changes into a sign of Your Glory among all mankind!  No longer does guild, shame, embarrassment or condemnation rule over us for we are new creatures in Jesus the Christ. As Paul teaches us we the old man has died and we are made new everyday because we walk by Faith and no how we feel from the feelings of the old Adam, but we now see ourselves as of great value in Your sight and that you have great plans for us and that all that we are involved in is tilted in our favor.  Those things that the world tells us to fear are just ghosts  created to stop our growth in You!  We are set free and we are made worthy by the Blood of the Lamb and so we rejoice and are made glad in all that we endure for we are now aware of Your loving kindness and never ending Presence in us and around us!

Father, we are here to do Your Will and to be used of Your to spread Your Kingdom here in our land and across the earth.  Father, we continue to lift up our President Trump and his family and all that are aligned with him as they bring America back in alignment with the covenant that our forefathers and mothers made with You that this land would be Yours and we will use all our blessings to spread the Good News to all that are hungry for love and a peace that the world does not have.  We want to bring worth to all who find themselves locked in the darkness of sin and iniquity.  Lord we are here to share with a generous heart our blessings with all those who are trapped in poverty and captivated in abuse of every kind.  Lord show us the solutions we need for the ails that surround us.  That we will stand without fear even in the face of such illness as this virus that we are bombarded with by the news. Lord, Your healing power covers us and it will stop now in the authority of Jesus the Christ.  As He spoke to wind : Be calm and stop!  Healing Power of Jesus the Christ covers us now and it will loose its influence over us now! Amen!

Father, Your Son has made us worthy and we are here to share it with all those whom ou have given us to love and care for.  Touch the widow and the orphan and all who searching for self worth to know that they are valuable in Your Eyes and that You look on them with a weeping Heart to draw them closer to Yourself and so Father we too in our prayer here want them to be covered and protected. Show us the ways in which we are to serve them.  Bless those who in this hour are inspired with solutions and means to help them.  We are so grateful that You have Your chosen ones around us who are serving all those in need and so Father we unite with them now and are willing to do even in small ways as the widow whom Jesus saw give from even the little she had, that You see our hearts and You bless all of our efforts because it is all sign of Your love and Glory among us!

Let Justice reign in our land and bring to Justice all those who stand in darkness and shout out evil towards Your servants who are living in righteousness.  Lord as Your prophet has spoken the days of the corrupt are at an end.  We will see those who have betrayed us, deceived us, lied to us and kept us captive be brought down and will be given the choice to repent or receive that which is their due. So Lord we trust that Your will be done now as it is in heaven! Amen! Alleluia!

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