Jun 4, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here in trust!  We trust that You have us covered by Your Mighty Hand to shield us from any attack of the enemy whether in our mind or in our feelings of fear of what is around us.   We are here in trust because we know that it is true Your son has already defeated our foe.  We are here in trust that You have placed us in this time and in this space because You have great plans for us!  We are here in trust that all things will work out according to Your Perfect Will for us.  We know that even if we feel fear or are scared of the activities going on around us and some of what we see is dangerous, Your are sitting on Your Throne knowing the beginning from the end.  We maybe shaking or fearful on our knees before You, but You are God and nothing shakes You, nothing frightens You, nothing that man does surprises You!  So Lord give us confidence to trust You in these shakey times cause You are our God and trust is well founded.  We can walk in confident trust that You have everything in control and that You have set each of us aside for such a time as this! Our Hope is in You O Lord there is no one else! Trust is our battle cry!  Trust in You!

Lord, we are so thankful that You have anointed President Trump to lead us during this time. We are thankful that You have given him confidence to use his authority as President to make decisions that cover America ad that he has a heart for our people.  We are confident that You O Lord place men and women of righteousness around him that the holy Spirit will use to give him the guidance he needs during this time and to even in plans for our future.  We trust You Lord that You will remove any of the betrayers or those who are plotting against this man.  That this is the time s the prophet Mark Taylor and others have spoken the corrupt will be removed.  That we will see president Trump even ap[point new Justices to the Supreme Court and decisions like Roe v. Wade will crash before Your Presence.  That America is slated to return to its roots, even though there is turmoil now it will not last forever because decisive action will be taken and those of us who are in the trenches of prayer will see that Your will for us will be done! No doubt just Trust!

Father, it is in trust that we will see those who have been foolish in their liberal ways of trying to keep peace with evil will fall to the wayside and those who You raise up in righteousness will prevail.  The Holy Spirit is blowing the winds of change a cross America, even in the flames we see that are destructive we are awakening to a renewed  spirit of wanting law and order.  That Justice will prevail and those who have been partakers in this evil will be prosecuted and suffer the consequences of their choices.  Lord, Your people are tired of the lies and deceit of those who are wolves in sheep clothing even in our churches.  We have seen enough snakes and snake charmers leading us into falsehood of the Gospel. It is time during these days of turmoil to bring about a renewed spirit in us to say enough! Righteousness prevails and Justice reigns in our Land!  Just as it is in Your Kingdom in heaven it is now on the earth and we Your Warriors are here to proclaim ait and declare and so shall it be!  In the Authority of Jesus we bind all that is evil and all that is false worship of a devil who is no god to be crushed now!  That we as a nation return to our roots in Christ Jesus and that we actively will partake in the change that is laid out before us.  We are no longer here to hide and cower for the coming, but we are here to do our part for You see us worthy and valuable to fulfill Your Will on earth as it is in heaven!

We trust that Your Holy Spirit will keep us calm and peaceful in times like this!  That You have heard our heartfelt cry to change America and that the captivity that has been put upon us because we have been lulled to sleep instead of being active in our Faith.  It is the time Father  for us to arise and see that Your plan is unfolding there is nothing to fear only Trust You and each day we can be confident that whatever we face You are there and that You never leave us or forsake us.  Our trust in You will be rewarded in our very life now and into eternity! Amen!

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