Aug 7, 2019

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Heavenly Father, 

We are here with grateful hearts that You have chosen us to be Your Kingdom Army for such a time as this!  We see and know of Your Mighty deeds for us, just as You saved Your People the Israelites taking them out of captivity and doing wondrous miracles, You are doing the same for us! Thank You, Father, for we see Your Mighty Arm protecting us and moving across our nation to recreate inus that which we were given through the blessings and sacrifice of our founding Fathers and Mothers who were dedicated to Your Son and our Messiah, Yeshuah!  We are so blessed Lord!  Our hearts are filled with Thanks and Praise for all that is happening now!

Father, continue to keep us off the enemy’s radar and scrambling his frequencies that cause confusion, rebellion, unrest and strife.  We are here with repentant hearts if we have in any way been lured away from our first Love—the Love of Your Son.  Father, we here to serve You and are willing to run into battle as You direct us.  We are confident for we pray in the authority of Your Son as He has overcome the world and so we take up our cross and follow Him.  We have nothing to fear for we can do all things in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Father, we are willing to face our weaknesses and make changes in our attitudes to take on the Mind of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!  Lord one thing in our family life that we pray to overcome and be prepared for is the problem of sharing in our inheritance among our family members.  Lord that repentance and forgiveness reign in families that are divided and feuding over who gets what in material from our parents and family inheritance. Lord it is such foolishness and lack of proclaiming You are our inheritance and the material goods of this world are to be shared and justly divided. 

Lord we intercede for all families that are now in this struggle now or in the past.  That a true spirit of reconciliation enter into these families and that love will show them the way in which we are to walk and that any unforgiveness will keep us from walking in Your Presence and keep us unprotected from the attacks of the enemy.  Lord that our hearts be made pure and filled with forgiveness as You forgive us freely now and for all eternity.  Give us Wisdom and discernment in these moments of family tension so that we can walk in Love by Faith!

Lord, throughout the land we seek repentance and forgiveness from being the cause of any strife or conflict among our families by the words that have been spoken to be a curse or a word of discouragement especially between husbands and wives and our children.  You have told us the power of life or death is in the tongue so Lord this day in this Army of Prayer Warriors we seek forgiveness of any words that we have expressed that did not up lift or encourage those whom we love and cherish.  

Lord make us instruments of Your Peace and Joy in this day especially as we see Justice is being brought to bear against our enemies.  Lord that we will stand firmly together in Faith to protect all who are willing to face the enemy to make him pay for the evil that has been brought into our nation.  Thank You for President Trump and all those righteous men and women who serve us and bring about Justice in our day! For great is Your Majesty!

Father in the Name of Jesus we break off of us any spirit of religion or judgmentalism against one another, especially among us who say we follow Yeshuah!  We are here not to criticize the journey of another in their walk of Faith but to know You personally and that by our very relationship with You others will want what we have and seek to know You even more.  If our heart is one with Your Heart we will be known by our expression of Love in Faith for one another!

Father one more thing we seek a that You send Your Comforting Spirit to all the families who have been devastated by these horrific shooting that have taken place.  Lord, it is time by the Power of Your Might that these vicious ones who are triggering these reactions and causing this to happen among us be stopped and brought to exposure of the Satanic nature of what has been allowed to dwell in our land. Lord, we seek a stop to this demonic force that plagued us so that Your People can live in Peace with one another and those who promote violence will be brought to Justice and we will see clearly who is behind this and make us ready to do our part to stop it in Yeshuah’s Name!

Holy Spirit it is You who have put together this Strike Force of Prayer Army use us as You want. We seek Your Great Counsel to do as You prompt us to spread the Kingdom through our nation and around the world.  We seek to be united in prayer around the world and also in Your sacred land of Israel that more and more of Your people will know Yeshuah as Messiah and Lord!   We place all of Trust in You as You lead us into the victory You have planned for us! Amen 

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