May 24, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are here before You in awe and thanksgiving for You have called us into Your Army to defend and spread Your Kingdom here in our land of America.  Trough the Holy Spirit You have drawn us to take our proper position as a Warrior of the King.  Through Yeshua, Your Son, You have given us all authority over the enemy and called us to fulfill the rest of Yeshua’s Mission of bringing the Good News to a dying world the breath of New Life and the Joy of Salvation.

Father, as we gather to listen to Your Heart and receive our orders for today, keep us off the enemy’s radar and bring confusion and disruption into his camp so that his followers will be blinded by the Light so that they either choose to worship You, the True God or be left in the darkness that is filled with death.

Lord, just as the words of the prophet, Ezekiel of old proclaimed: You have breathed the gift of the Holy Spirit into us and raised us from the dead bones of the past into a well armed and equipped Army that has been promised victory, in fact we are more than conquerors in Yeshua!

Holy Spirit, You are our best friend and with Your Gifts of Wisdom and discernment weare able to face any challeng, move in any direction and know we can move any mountain because of Faith manifested through Love, just as Yeshua taught us.  Thank You for having made us who we are in Yeshua now and into the future that lies before us!

Lord, we know and believe that our prayers are heard and answered according to Your Will.  Lord, You place on our hearts that which is in Your Heart that all can be saved if only they believe and follow Your Commands.  Strengthen us and fill all that is lacking in our Faith, so that as we intercede we will see the enemy and all his plot, plans and schemes be turned into a revelation of how we can conquer and overthrow those who are filled with treason and hatred toward our land and all that You have given us and have planned for us.

Today, Lord we seek protection and guidance for our President Trump and all who work with him to fulfill the Agenda You have assigned him. We also lift up Your prophets in our time, especially Mark Taylor, that doors will be opened to him and others to speak into the heart of the President  and all the leaders You have destined him and the others to touch them with Your Word.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Ireland so that they vote to slam the door of the darkness of abortion and other forms of evil into their nation.  May they face this challenge and remember their strong heritage of Faith in the Lord Yeshua the Christ.  That they will vote for Life instead of death.

We pray also for those involved with primary elections today, in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky and Texas so that they choose those You have anointed to lead in such a time as this.  Lord, we cry out to You that we are United in Prayer, and Voice and our Vote so that we bring defeat into the enemy’s camp.

Father in the days ahead let Your Holy Spirit direct our leaders to stand for Justice and Truth.  To have no fear,even to the point to losing one’s life so that another can live under the Your Loving Commands.  Strengthen our leaders to challenge and defeat all those in high places that have led other astray and have been involved in the shedding of innocent blood of our children.  Lord we proclaim we are Your Army and we form an impenetrable wall against the enemy.  We pray in Unity!  Thank You Father for this Great Grace during this time in Yeshua’s name. Amen!

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