Jun 13, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

during this time with You we ask for Your Protection from the enemy’s radar and any of his distractions and temptations so that we may freely be with You! Lord, during this sacred time we want to listen to Your Voice and respond in heart felt prayer and thanksgiving as You reveal to us Your Will for us today.

Father, first of all we want to repent for any time that we have failed to fulfill in the assignment You have given us.  Lord,  we recognize our weakness, but we know You use it to make us dependent on Your strength and You use our weakness to confound the wise of this world and through us You do turn back the enemy and his evil plots against our nation.  We have seen it play out in just what we see in President Trump’s victory in North Korean negotiations!  We know it because of Your Great Love for us and so we have great Hope as You make us victorious in the war we wage as Your Army!

Father, today as You sent spies through Moses into the Promised Land, You send us even into the enemy camp to learn of their plans against us.  But we are here to report Good News that the enemy may seem like giants but they are nothing to us because we know of Your Strong Arm that proceeds us and with Your Holy Angels are with us!  We know there are more for us than with the enemy, even as the enemy wants us to believe that lie that he is strong and gives us whatever we desire a lie from the pits of hell!

Lord, bless and protect the watchmen on the wall who reveal to us the truth of what the enemy is doing in our land.  Give these watchmen boldness to speak out  the Truth.  Give them courage to with stand the mockery and slander against them.  Thank You, Father  for all of them that like Caleb of old are of a different spirit telling us we are well able to defeat the enemy because the Spirit of the Lord is with us and yes, even in us even as the war rages around us!

Lord, bless and protect Your prophets who reveal to us Your Plans and that which You have in store for us.  They speak Good News instead of doom and gloom which we have hear for so long.  No wonder we thing we are getting out of here soon, but that is not Your Plan.  We are here to wage war to spread Your Kingdom until You come! Lord, we do believe these prophetic men and women of Your anointing.  We honor and respect them.  We, Your Army, stand with these prophets, especially Mark Taylor, we place a hedge of protection around them and  a shield of Faith before them to bless and protect them now!  Thank You, Father, for the gift of them!  You truly know what You are doing now and into our future!

Lord, we cry out in the words that Your prophet Kim Clement gave us about the future: We are somewhere in the future and we look much better than we look right now!.  Lord it is because we have Hope!

Lord we ask for special favor that our prophet, Mark Taylor and the others of Your choosing will have the opportunity to speak into the heart of President Trump and all the leaders of our nation and into the nation of Israel and the nations that are destined to align with Your Kingdom.  We want all to hear  and ponder Your Word as found in the Scriptures and in the teachings of Your Son, Yeshua!

Thank You, Lord for the assignment to report and reveal the Truth about the enemy and his forces in their movements and plans.  So that we as Your Army unite in prayer will speak with One Voice Your Praises over the enemy’s voice.  That our prayers will turn into actions like the votes that are being cast even to day in the primaries of Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia!  So that this nation turns red, red for the Blood of Yeshua covering it and our allegiance is to Yeshua, our Commander in Chief!

Lord we give You glory, honor and praise and thanksgiving for all the gifts You bestow on us and in the land in which we are living.  Use us Lord to turn the tide and see the glorious Army of the Lord victorious in Yeshua’s Name Amen!


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