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Heavenly Father, We come to You with repentant hearts, recognizing we are filled with weakness, but in our weakness we are made strong because of Your Loving Forgiveness, expressed through the Sacrifice of Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus our Redeemer! As we approach Your Throne during this time we are together take us off the enemy’s radar and protect us from any of the enemy’s devices and schemes to stop us from advancing Your Kingdom of Light!  Lord shine the Light in our hearts, so that we repent of any darkness that still may be hidden in our hearts.  Any area that may still be in our life that we need to cleanse and bring before You in repentance, so we can be total Warriors of Light in this dark world Heavenly Father, release Your Warrior Angels to protect and defend us in our resolve to only serve You and Your Plan for Your Kingdom here in America and all other nations struggling to over throw the demonic force of a one world Order, one world Government, one world religion and plan to take complete control by power and might of the kingdom of darkness! Lord, shine Your Light ever more strongly so that our words and deeds will truly advance the Kingdom here on earth.  Lord, Your Light is showing us all of the corruption in high places in the government and the banking world, the entertainment industry and yes even in the church.  We thank You for the swift way in which Your Light continues to expose sin. So Father we repent of any way we have supported darkness by our foolish choices and our lack of discernment in our voting and actions that have put at risk our youth and all those You have called us to disciple! Father, we are here to advance Your Kingdom of Light, strengthen our Faith and boldness of spirit to continue to advance and authority over the territory where You have given us Victory! We seek to continue to up hold a protective shield of Light around and over our President and all those You have anointed to lead us in our day.  We proclaim shield of protection around all apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers who are leading us in the Word and deed!  We who are your Church, true disciples, walk in obedience to Your Word and we have a willingness to follow the anointed leaders for this hour!  We give You Glory, Honor and Praise for Your Blessings of salvation that You have given us through Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah! Thank you, Father, for the Comforter, He who leads us and reveals to us all Truth, the Holy Spirit, our best friend! Lord, we know there are moments when we find ourselves devastated by broken love relationships, moments in our lives of grief and sorrow because of loss and suffering through false accusations and judgments against us, but Lord we know You sustain us and make right that which has been wrong even if it was done through our personal weakness.  We come before You, Lord, so that You can touch us with Your Mercy and grace so we will continue to be Your Warriors in Your Army!  Right now Lord, protect and defend Your Warriors here in Strike Force of Prayer as we intercede and place before You our petitions with hearts filled with thankfulness!  Listen to my brothers and sisters now as we open our call to hear their voices now in Yeshua/Jesus Name! Amen!  

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