Apr 15, 2021 | Prayers

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Nineveh repented after Jonah preached and God withheld His Judgment! It angered

Jonah, but it was what God wanted.

True repentance is turning your heart away from the evil inclination ( the Judaic way

of expressing our sinful side) So we must turn things around and do our best

to guard against returning to the old vomit! Have you done that I did and it

it worst!

That happened to Nineveh too, we no longer hear of it! What we need do now is use

our authority in prayer and do our civic duty to turn over this fraud and steal

of an election!

Blow the Shofar for prayer (Ana)

Prayer Focus:

Heavenly Father,

we are so grateful for the gift of Your Son, Yeshuah and all that He has done for us to make us one with You!  Because of the Blood of Yeshuah are we are washed clean of all sin and we can boldly come before You and call You: ABBA/Daddy!  We want to fulfill Your Perfect Will for us here in our nation and any nation that cries out to You.  We are so thankful too that You have given us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide what a perfect friend to have dwelling in us and around us.  It is awesome to know we can face any fear and know that the Blood of Yeshuah and the Holy Fire of Love from the Holy Spirit wipes out any charge or attempt by the enemy to stop Your Kingdom from growing in our midst!  Use us Lord, we are here to do Your Will!

In the authority that Yeshuah has given us we declare that President Trump is returned to his proper office as President of America and that these jackal and clowns are removed from their offices of government.  That Your Holy Fire will bring a complete destruction to the altars and idols of those who have flaunted that they are in control.  Lord, our government is under Your rule and we are here to re-unite with the Covenant You have made with us from the beginning by Faith of our founding Fathers and Mothers!  We are a Christ center nation and no matter who has come to our shores we are still a Christ centered nation.  Those who have lied and worked to change our history are fools and may they be brought to shame as they are exposed as the liars and cheats that they are.  Lord, the tyranny of the past is over and as the prophets have told us the corrupt are doomed to be over now!


By the authority of Yeshuah we declare that the communist and socialist infiltrators into our government are exposed and driven from lad and face the punishment they deserve.

Lord You hate the liar, You hate the deceiver, You hate those who cause strife and division  among Your People and so do we.  We declare we are one nation under You, God with liberty and justice for all.  For we declare we are a nation with law and order that lives in harmony with one another as great leaders have proclaimed: we are God’s children and no race, color or creed separate us from the truth!  We are people who live under the banner of the Lord Jesus the Christ who has set us free from sin and brought love between us now and forever!

We declare that our nation is rid of this health scare promoted by those who are attempting to make us live under a Luciferian plot to make us slaves.  We are a free people and we are awakening to the gift of what You have done for us.  We declare that there is revival in the land and that restoration is happening and Your miraculous touch on our health is alive and well now.  As it is ways in Your Word if there are any sick among us we come together as elders in the Faith praying over them and anointing them with the oil in the name of the Lord and this prayer of Faith wil have the sick arise and be well.  We declare that this pandemic is over and our nation is free from these fools that tell us there is no way out.  Yes we declare the Blood of Yeshuah washes our nation clean of this Satanic /demonic effort to stop the prophetic words from being fulfilled.  Lord what You have Promised is accepted by us and we say bring through now in Yeshuah’s Mighty and wonderful name!Amen!

We declare we are awakened to what we have and we give You thanks, Praise and Honor for it is Your Will that we live in Divine Favor and Divine Health! Thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen!

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