Mar 1, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You in humility and truth knowing You are our source of strength in all that lays before us in spreading Your Kingdom here on our land and around the earth! We can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens us and makes us a new creation.  Through the Holy Spirit we receive Wisdom and understanding to walk in righteousness and to see our way clearly in all we are called to do and be,  We are so grateful to call You ABBA and to know because of Jesus/Your Son we are free from sin and iniquity.  We have been washed clean by His Sacred Blood and during these days we walk in Victory for we face a defeated foe who Your Son has already snatched the Keys of death and defeated all his evil plots to stop us.  Thank You Father for what You have made us, Your children and You surround us with Your Loving Kindness forever!

During these days Father, we offer up to You sacrifice of ourselves and our fleshly ways so that we may draw closer to You n the spirit! Lord, in the days ahead we are fasting from that which makes us weak and vulnerable to the enemy whether it be through food or drink or any other pleasure., so that we are more aware in the spirit and perceive more clearly the calling You have placed on our lives. Lord we cannot do anything without You take my will and life and do with it as You will.  I am Yours and so I surrender myself to You!

Father, we are here to intercede for our nation and especially those lead us. Give to President Trump the Wisdom he needs to continue to appoint judges and empty the old and bring the new men and women of righteousness to bring about just decisions and to protect the innocent  from the unborn to the elderly who need special care and attention.  Lord that we are willing to make sacrifices and give from our blessings to help the widow and the orphan and all who are oppressed and in need of a hand up to let the Light shine in their darkness and that they will through us be made aware of the Love of  Jesus and see Hope in the darkness and that there is nothing that can stop the Love of Jesus bringing healing and renewal into their lives!

Father, we know as Your Son taught us in some instances it is only through prayer and fasting that situations are changed and people are made aware of the convicting Power of the Holy Spirit.  Lord, use our meager sacrifice during these days to stop any advancement of the enemy in our land.  Lord like in the State of Virginia over turn the plot to stop real unity in the United States of America and to throw out our Constitution and the traditions that have unified us to be one nation under You and to see one another as brothers and sisters without distinction of color, race, or heritage.  Lord that we will be one as Your Son has prayed for us to be one and that our heart is one with Yours!

Father, we come to You in Faith and any drop of fear in us erase from our minds as we pray against the spreading of this virus and any disease associated with it.  That we stand on the prophetic word that it will not be what is being projected it to be.  Lord that we will see the cancellation of this and we will walk in Divine Favor & Divine health! Give Wisdom to President Trump & Vice-President Pence to lead us through this time without panic or fear. That like so many scare tactics of the past that we will be set free and may it fall on those who have been behind its spreading will be revealed and brought to Justice!  Lord we say to this Stop in the name of the Lord! By Faith we walk away from its affects and bring forth healing and life abundantly in the name of Jesus Your Sn and our Redeemer!  Through our prayers and fastings bring it all to a conclusion and this too shall passover us!

Lord, we continually give You Glory and honor for You listen to Your Army of Prayer Warriors gathered here for we see the miracles unfolding before us.  So we rest assured that You are really in control and that there is nothing to fear.  We are confident in Jesus! Amen!

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