Nov 13, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

As we gather here before Your throne we are confident that You will use us to bring Your kingdom stronger in America and around the world.  We trust You Father that Your plan for us is great and that we will see Your Glory shine through everything that takes place this day and all the days ahead.  Release Your Holy Angles as protection in our midst to over come the enemy in all of his tactics and plots to defeat us. Lord, we hear Your Voice above all the noise the enemy makes in this hour as they are in the death throes of loosing control and all of their systems that are corrupt are disintegrating and falling apart.   Thank You, Father for separating us from those who claim to know You but You do not know them.  It is time of separation of the wheat from the chaff, those who truly are loyal to You and are willing to die to themselves take up the cross and follow Jesus as His Army for Victory on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, we are grateful that You have anointed President Trump with a spirit like King David to face the enemy with boldness and defeat the Goliaths of our day called the Deep State and all of the hordes behind it.  Lord, he has even stepped forward to proclaim that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.

With Kim Clement we have learned ISRAEL IS FOREVER!  We love what You Love Lord.  Even though the Israelites do not know Your Son our Messiah we know You have never abandoned them at the right time they too will worship and honor Yeshuah as Messiah.  Lord the land of Israel is sacred to You for the Blood of Your Son was shed there.  So Lord we cry out No dividing the land! No two state solution!  Lord You made a covenant with Abraham and promised his descendant this land it theirs and no man can change that! Lord give President Trump wisdom and strength to uphold Israel as nation that is an important part of Your Plan for mankind!  Lord, that during these days they too will prosper to fulfill the plan that has been spoken through Mark Taylor and others that America and Israel will lead the world to new and wonderful discoveries and benefits for all mankind!  Thank You Father for us to be alive in this time to see the miracles You have in store for us.  Lord Your Plan is winning and the plans and plots of the enemy will fall and be crushed! We proclaim: ISRAEL IS FOREVER TO YOUR GLORY,  O LORD!

Father, we know You are true to Your Word!  That You never revoke the covenant You made with Abraham.  It is still a part of Your plan.  Any covenant that we truly make with You lasts and that You never break the covenant it is always us because of weakness and foolishly think we know better than You or can fix it better than You!  Lord forgive us we are always eating of the tree of knowledge instead of the tree of Life.  Lord thank You for the Gift of the Holy Spirit who leads us into all Truth! What a great and awesome Gift we have.  Lord we are so grateful for even in the plan that unfolded for America was established with Mayflower Compact on this day in 1620…399 years ago! What a great Gift You have given us.  Lord that is why we call out in repentance against all that we have allowed to destroy and undermine the covenant we made with You through our forefather and mothers in Faith!

Lord, You gave us America to break away from the tyranny of the divine right of kings and all the rulers who have made their people captives and beholding to man instead of the God of Freedom given us through Jesus the Christ!  Lord we are so grateful that here in America there is a growing awareness of what we have been given and to really know and understand our heritage in Faith! 

Yes, we have made many mistakes and done what is evil in Your sight in this land, but as we return in repentance You blot out all our iniquities and wash us white as snow! Lord, this land is Your land and we sand on hallowed ground because of those who were willing to shed their blood to make us free and able to worship You the only God in spirit and truth free from our enemies and all those who hate us.  It is You Lord, we shout out our Praise and Thanksgiving now and forever! It is so Amen!

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